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Thunderbird has launched!

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Even though the POV looks a bit underwhelming (yes, I do know POVs can be VERY misleading at times), you have never once steered me wrong on your advice regarding coasters, especially classics. Any tips regarding "magic seats" like Vortex's 5-1, to enhance/maximize ride experience?

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I was lucky enough to ride Denver's Lakeside Cyclone around 8 years ago.

I really like the the way the layout starts out twisterish and then breaks out into out and back mode for the finale.

A true classic, from the architecture of the station to the original trains.

Don't judge the park, or the Lakeside Cyclone, until you've experienced both at night. The Whip was a delightful surprise.

Speaking of Denver, I also enjoyed Twister II at Elitch Gardens. Good size, great tunnel, and overall much better than I expected.

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I am excited for this addition, and perhaps more excited simply to be excited about visiting Holiday World again. I love the place but the whole legal battle was very off putting to me and I have not nor do I plan to visit this season. I have only visited once since all that drama went down, Holiwood Nights 2012. I had a great time as usual but the park was very much missing something without Pat and Dan. I am also very happy to see the next generation of Kochs becoming more involved in leadership at Holiday World. I am sure the future will be bright and I hope the family can eventually resolve all their differences.

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Holiday World plans on releasing the Scoring music featured in the Announcement video of Thunderbird within the next week!

In case someone decided to ask how I know this information.

I emailed Eric Snow, the VP of Marketing Sales & Guest Entertainment at Holiday World about getting one of the files for my own use. He said that he would tlak about it with other people, just yesterday I got this

We just talked about this today and will work with our web developer to get the music beds online soon.


Eric B. Snow

Vice President - Marketing, Sales, and Guest Entertainment

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

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