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Today was the second GE day. I worked all day and Vortex was no more than a one train wait. In fact, we had a ten minute window during last hour when no one showed up and all three trains were empty. On a day as beautiful as today, I had never seen the park so not crowded. Then again, I had never been to the park during a private event. :) 

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^To add on, today is a near perfect day to come. Everything is either a walk-on, station wait, or Mystic Timbers, which is probably 5 minutes. I walked all the way through Diamondback’s line right into second row without even stopping for the gate to open! (By the way Diamondback is hauling today!) Great day to come!

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Today is not too bad thus far (2 cycle wait for Delirium, "last set of stairs" wait and then less for Bat, approx. a cycle wait for Viking Fury), but I feel like it may get busier. Currently in line for Adventure Express (probably longest line thus far), but it's moving and will probably be about 5-10 min.

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