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2015 at Coney Island:


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The seasonal staff at Coney that won the award, called the Jim Babb Award was me. I won the award back on December 30th at the seasonal manager and Super Staffer luncheon on December 30th.

Here is a little information about the Jim Babb award.

The Jim Babb award honors its namesake for his dedication to Coney Island, for always putting forth his best effort in getting the job done. Jim’s pride in his work and his enthusiasm for the park’s success never waned. He was always thrilled to be a part of the Coney team.
Jim was 55 years old when he came to us with only a third grade education, but he soon taught all of us what can be accomplished when the will is there. He worked so hard, and so cheerfully, that our patrons went out of their way to commend us on his efforts.
We remember this gentle man by naming after him our highest recognition of excellence. Only the seasonal employee who most exemplifies his attitude and effort merits our most coveted honor- The Jim Babb Award.
I was only the 25th recipient of this award. I was given an engraved Citizen`s watch for winning the award. Pictures will come later tonight. Additionally, my name will be added to a plaque in the administration building. My picture will also appear by the plaque this season as well.
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The Scrambler at Coney was NOT removed.  It was temporarily removed while the support pieces received a fresh coat of white paint.  The ride was open this past weekend for the Appalachian Festival, and will officially open with the park next weekend.

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I have to apologize for the prior misinformation. Very sorry about that. Scrambler is spinning as usual with a shiny new coat of paint and a lack of Eli Bridge decals.


You know it's going to be a fun season when the power goes out on the second day of the year. It was a big surprise to everyone there - luckily everything was safe and orderly.


As always, check out the midway when you come. B)  We've spent lots of hard work making it vibrant and fun to all parkgoers.


Have A Fun Day!

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