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Kings Island 2015 Discussion Thread


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As far as the whole Diamond"stack" comments, realize this is literally the first day that most of the crew has been on the ride with actual guests on it and not in "training mode."

Know that I'm not making excuses, but I'm being realistic. Diamondback is more noticeable IMHO because the popularity.

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All important question.


Yes or nay?

Eh... maybe. I didn't get any good snaps, but then again, I've never achieved a snap on any scooters anywhere, so maybe I just don't know the right technique. However, they feel identical to the ones at Cedar Point.

In addition to snapping, is it like CP's with the incredibly slow stopping, and the requirement of the ride op to unlock your seatbelt?

Yes and yes.

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TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Today is OPENING DAY at Kings Island!! Let the FUN begin!!


Thank you all for enjoying my Countdown to Opening Day 2015. The offseason is officially over and Kings Island will be open to the public in less than 10 hours. Let's have some FUN, and here's to a FUN season! I'm ready!

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About the Woodstock Gliders first riders t-shirts: someone on Facebook was complaining that people with Fast Lane were getting multiple t-shirts on Banshee last year, which stinks, but what I want to know is did they start giving t-shirts during ERT or once the park officially opened?

I ended up not riding them tonight, and now that I know about the shirts, I'm eager to make them first tomorrow, but wondered if I should wait till 10?

Edit: heh, posted at the same time about the same thing :)

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Yes, the Banshee first rider shirts were being given out during "ERT". Of course, there really wasn't an ERT session on Banshee that day, just a chance for all the Gold and Platinum Passholders to immediately form a three-hour line before the regular folks were allowed in. :P

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