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Cedar Point 2016 Talk

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That camera is a PTZ unit, short for pan, tilt, and zoom.  They can move pretty far around the park from its position on Power Tower.


It's indeed possible that they positioned it there for internal monitoring and intentionally left it off of the site.  They could've just put up another camera to play with internally, but alas.  We're not entitled to live webcams.  :)

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Oh boy now I'm excited! I love this part of the year. Despite school starting soon and what not, the new roller coaster rumors really gets me excited. C'mon CP, blow me away! 


(and KI, hopefully you've got a least something up your sleeve...)

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And the trucks are loading fe8558f3d26517cbe6babd9aa3c1777b.jpg


**edit adding what I saw

I found 7 lift hill sections, and using my distance app and comparing the piece next to the flat bed. They are about 45-50ft section and there are 7 of them.



This coaster is a GIGA!!!!

**edit again

Sorry but this is a picture of my display on my Nikon. I will upload a better quality image later. This is from one of the blue supports.


Sent from a signal coming out of the Vega system.

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Not necessarily. The lift will likely be at an angle and not vertical. For instance if the length was 350' but at a 45 degree angle then the height would only be about 247'. Even if it was a 60 degree angle it would need to be the higher end to come to being a giga. the 315 range at a 60 degree lift would result in only a height of 281'. So pretty well guaranteed to be at elast a hyper, but unless it has a very steep lift it is probably not a giga.

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