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Maybe extra time to pick a new name.....

I know that's just speculation but it would kinda make sense.


That could very well be the underlying reason. Not just coming up with a new name, but designing a whole new logo and theme, and then producing new shirts and other merchandise to be sold on announcement day/night (if they were planning on that). That type of thing doesn't happen overnight. Depending on the new theme (if this theory is correct), they might even need to arrange for the track to be (re)painted in new colors.


Also, if this is true, the Cedar Point just can't win with names of mythical creatures associated with death. At least Banshee got reused. Hopefully Valravn will still see the light of day in some form.

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  Or, maybe, just maybe they meant. "Due to yesterday's incident, we are respectfully postponing our 2016 announcement event. Thank you for your patience and understanding."


  SMH, sometimes a show of respect, could be just that. A tragedy occured, we'll wait for our announcement, out of respect .

  If you're going to put that much into it, there are people that will say they asked for it by naming Banshee. Same chain of thought. 

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I agree with NoChickens here. They're probably just postponing it out of respect. This is the first death the park has had in a while and it's fitting that Cedar Point give a moment of silence if you will. This might just be Cedar Point trying to please the family of the victim as well. The funeral could be held on the 18th which would not look good to the GP. I can see it now, "Cedar Point announces new ride on the date of the funeral of a man killed by the Raptor roller coaster."

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Apparently the area near Breakers Express (EDIT) that was fenced-in to store and prep Maverick track before it was announced and during construction, has been fenced in once again, according to CPRundown on Facebook :


"Could they be getting ready to receive track?"




Photo : CPRundown via Facebook

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