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I believe we all know Cedar Point will announce a record breaking dive coaster tomorrow, but what things would you like to see come with it? Splashdown? Lighting? Fog? More Peanuts character shaped bushes? I'm excited to 


1. See the details (top speed, track length, train size.

2. See if any theming will adorn the ride.

3. See how that entire area will evolve with the addition of the ride.

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I agree with the 3rd point you have, definitely. Whether they'll try to only bring the entrance over by Blue Streak or if they'll have the ride diving over, under, and around paths like Griffon and making the new ride accessible from the North and the existing path under Raptor... I hope it's not the latter only.

If dreams were real, it'd be swell to have a wind-proof coaster too

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