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Rivertown funnel cake stand razed

Magenta Lizard

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The new soccer game is Super Goalie by Smaaash out of India.  They had this game at IAAPA in November.  It drew huge crowds to not only play, but just to watch.  It's VERY difficult to win, but it's a LOT of fun.  They're going to have a real home run on their hands.




I also hear their upcoming chess and cricket-based carnival games will be nothing but net with the masses. ;)

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I don't know if this has already been shared, but the space is confirmed to be taken up by the soccer game AND some basketball games.


Also, don't worry about your elephant ears, because it looks like another funnel cake stand is being built "in the area", so I would guess the elephant ears are still going to be sold.



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Yes I understand marketing ... Lol... And that I'm not the target audience and blah blah.

I'm unequivocally certain that they have impressed many people to renew or buy a pass with a water park addition, soccer game, a new gate and a possible new funnel cake location (by the way.... Is that what's going into the big box?... I'd literally lol if that's the case).

I'm still on the line and waiting for more. Actually I was more excited about funnel cake being razed and possibly being the start of 2017 until that was dashed by a soccer ball.

I would have bought a pass strictly to speculate 2017 alone... Call me crazy... I'm sure you will.

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I was considering whether to renew my pass for next year.  Even when I decided to go to the park on closing day, I was still on the fence.  That was until I exited I-71, got on Kings Island Drive, pulled into the parking lot, and started heading for the front gate.  I had to keep myself from running to the Gold Pass processing window to renew for 2016.  I'm a tough sell on lots of things, but (so far) a season pass to Kings Island isn't one of them.  


I will have to admit that seeing the Kings Island Resort SBNO is a big downer to see just before entering Kings Island.  

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Still haven't renewed my season pass for this upcoming season. You still have time to convince me to renew, KI.

I havent bought mine yet, I am making VERY sure that all of our ducks are fully in a row for our planned move before I do, as my Platinum will get more use at KD.... 10.5 hours from Orlando where we plan to be.... than it will at KI or CP, which are 2 hours and 5.5 hours respectively from where I currently live.

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For my time/money, Id rather make the drive for KD than Carwinds, thats my feeling and opinion.  I will go to Carowinds to experience Fury, but I dont see it being a regular destination for me.  Remember, my body cannot tolerate the seats and restraints of the old B&M inverts, so the rants and raves about Afterburn are lost on me.  Also, regardless of how good some think it is, flyers dont do it for me anymore, so that counts out Nighthawk other than an "OK, I rode it" thing, and while Intimidator looks a ton better than Diamondstack, I get more of a charge out of sheer brutal speed and G forces, so I305 gets the nod there.  Also, everyone who knows me, knows my attachment to Dominator.



Edit to remain on topic..... I hope the fistfuls of money they make off of this new soccer game goes towards repainting DB... its starting to look like something built by Sanford and Son.

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