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MT Construction Wrap Up and KI Interview


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As we come close to another exciting season at Kings Island for 2017, we are also celebrating Kings Island's 45th anniversary season. Kings Island Central had a chance to talk with Don Helbig about the construction of Mystic Timbers. Here is what he had to say about the process of building Mystic Timbers this past off-season.

  1. What has been the biggest challenge with building Mystic Timbers?
  • The ride is being built in the middle of the park and interacting with a couple of existing rides with White Water Canyon and the train. When a ride is being built in an expanded area such as Banshee was, there is more back road access to get trucks and machinery in the construction location.
  1. How has the public responded to the announcement of Mystic Timbers?
  • We’ve had a great response to the ride. With each construction image we post on our social media channels, the anticipation and excitement continues to grow.
  1. What is left to finish before we see trains testing?
  • There’s still areas of the track where steel needs to be placed, the station and queue area needs to be completed, and there’s electrical work to do before trains will be placed on the track and we begin the initial series of test cycles.
  1. How has the mild winter helped or hurt the construction of Mystic Timbers?
  • The mild winter has helped.  There haven’t been any delays due to snow, ice and extreme cold conditions.
  1. What was the inspiration for the themeing of Mystic Timbers (besides Rivertown?) 
  • Once the name was selected, the backstory and ideas for theming began to develop.
  1. For guests that have not ridden a coaster designed by Great Coasters International, what can they expect from the ride experience on Mystic Timbers?
  • Mystic Timbers is a modern day wooden roller coaster, a ride that will be both thrilling and fun for our guests. It will be non-stop action from the time you plummet down the lift hill through the end of the ride with lots of twists, turns and an abundance of airtime.
  1. Everyone wants to know: #WhatsInTheShed. What are some of your favorite guesses from fans, and has anyone come close to figuring out the mystery?
  • A wide net has been cast with the guesses we’ve seen. The variety of guesses would be my favorite. People haven’t zeroed in on one particular idea.
  1. What types of testing must Mystic Timbers be ran through before it can be certified by the state? (Examples: test runs, track checks, electrical testing, brake tests.).
  • The ride will go through a series of operational, mechanical and electrical tests before it’s certified to operate by the state.  Every ride in the park will go through the same process before the park opens for the 2017 season on April 15.
  1. One of the things we're most excited for in 2017 is Mystic Timbers' interactions with White Water Canyon and the KI & Miami Valley Railroad. What interactions with the rides do you think guests will enjoy the most?
  • The number of times the ride crosses over water is something riders on Mystic Timbers will enjoy. The ride experience on White Water Canyon and the train will be a lot different with it now being a different setting you’re traveling through.
  1. Many KICentral members are taking part in the First Riders Auction to be among the first to experience what's in the shed. How is the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation using the funds raised for the event?
  • The Andy and Jordan Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families in the Cincinnati area.  The funds raised from this event will help provide those life-changing experiences for a number of families.  It’s a great cause and gives being one of the first riders a whole new meaning.

MT Drop.jpg

MT_0213 017.JPG

MysticTimbers 003.JPG

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