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Vortex Picture Contest!


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Time for another KIC contest!

With the removal of Vortex, we want to have a great send off and celebrate its 33 seasons at Kings Island.

Vortex is one of the most photogenic coasters in the park, so we want you to post your best Vortex picture!  




A max of 2 submissions. (Any additional submissions will be removed.)

Only 1 picture per post.

Double posting will be excused in this thread.

Only Likes will be counted, not any other emotion.

The contest will be judged by the members. So if you love a submission, vote for it with a like. You can vote on as many as you want. This will run until November 1st. I will give 24 hrs notice before I close the thread. I will then tally the votes and announce the winner!


The winner will get to order a free KIC shirt as their prize along with bragging rights!

Good luck!

Dark front small.pngDark back small.png

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Here is a picture I took with my phone on Saturday July 13th this year. Vortex was the first roller coaster I actually took a "solo" picture of, as all my pictures before this were park "skyline" pics. I took this picture while walking over to Vortex as Beast had broken down, had to wait 30 minutes (longest I have ever waited for Vortex- it got pretty busy this day because Saturday in July) but I did get a great ride in 7-1 so IMO it was worth the wait.


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First time poster,  long time reader here. Gotta say, these pictures make me even more disappointed that Vortex is closing, I just dont understand it I guess. Lots of childhood memories of this ride like many others have said on here already. But some awesome pictures here guys

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5 hours ago, Gordon Bombay said:


I'm a sucker for black and white photos



        5 hours ago, GregKelly71 said:     

            Where was this taken? I have a lot of Vortex pictures and never have seen this angle. Cool shot.          



In a restricted area

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