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What’s your dream backyard coaster?


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If you could pick one coaster to have built in your backyard to ride whenever you want, what would it be?

To make it a little more interesting, only list an existing ride model that costs less than $10,000,000. If RCDB or Wikipedia (or any other official source) do not list a price, it doesn’t count!

My personal choice, a Chance Hyper GT-X! Lightning Run is one of my favorite coasters. 

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Hmm. $10 million budget? Well, I think I have a few options:

(I have ridden models of these)

My Pick: GCI or Gravity Group Wooden Coaster: While the ones I have ridden are on a bigger scale (especially from GG as I have only ridden Voyage which is massive) even the smaller wooden coasters by these companies look great, and you could probably fit a lot of coaster under $10,000,000. Heck, Voyage adjusted for inflation JUST breaks the limit at about $11 million! Thus a wooden coaster by one of these companies would likely be my pick. I would go for something about the size of say, Legend at Holiday World (Around 100 feet tall, decent length, etc.) Still, other options are tempting...though I have not ridden them save ONE:

(Have never ridden but am tempted by...)

RMC Raptor: I don't see a listing for price, but given Six Flags is buying these and they are less than 2000 feet long, these are very likely under $10m and reviews for these seem amazing. Not to mention from the POVs, the pacing looks insane.

Chance Rides Hyper GTX: These things look like miniature hypercoasters with great airtime. I still need to get to Kentucky Kingdom to ride Lightning Run, to see if it really is the baby Magnum XL-200 I think it looks like.

(And then these ideas I looked up but are over $10m sadly)

Intamin Impulse (only other model here I have ridden): Wicked Twister was $9 million in 2002, which sadly translates to about $13 million in 2020 so it breaks the limit, and I cannot find how much the smaller models cost. I did enjoy Wicked Twister though.

Vekoma Bermuda Blitz or Shockwave: These look like awesome coasters, and the reviews for Lech Coaster have been very good. These also just break the $10m limit, and would be under $15m most likely. (Based on their prices in Euros, converted to USD)




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28 minutes ago, flightoffear1996 said:

I believe I was an interview with a Kings Island official and he estimated it would cost about $30million to rebuild today. 

Yeah. I thought I heard that some where too. Maybe they are counting all the land they had to clear before building the coaster. 

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