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lift hill music on The Beast


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1 hour ago, Gordon Bombay said:

That musical experience was very short lived as I recall. :P

Sure was! Just like the return of the water feature that year at the turn-around cave.

As for what music it was Joshua... I don't recall the entire playlist but it was a collection of music about 30-40 minutes long.

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Frankly - for The Beast's theme music, Kings Island should still use the "Firebird Suite" written by Stravninsky.  It was jazzed up and used as the music for "The Beast" segment in the 1981- 1982 KI show "Celebration." 

Remembering that portion of the show still gives me chills - it was really something to see and hear.  Especially for a wide eyed 10 year old (at the time) like me.  The darkness, the fog, the over-the-top dancing and masked/winged costumes, the scenic effects, the giant Beast, Demon and Bat props that came down from the ceiling over the audience in the darkness.

Its never been matched by any other Theme Park entertainment.

It really was incredible.

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