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Kings Island on lockdown

coaster sally

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If any of you are in the Mason Deerfield group on Facebook




Betsey Bingham Seibel
Anyone know what is happening at Kings Island right now? There is a helicopter and tons of police cars

Mike Leichman Bad accident on 71 N by Western Row

Lois Ondesko Oh no 

Betsey Bingham Seibel Kings Island security is there as well - there is something going on there as well

Karen Klodell Frecker No one allowed on KI right now

Cathy Kauzlarich Borders My daughter was supposed to work there at 11:30, but they called and said she needs to wait in her car until it is all clear. They told her the employees have been told to hide inside.

Jackie Fraley On another feed I saw something about someone fled the scene and they are looking for them.

Lisa Powell Bird I’m stuck in the parking lot. They are definitely looking for someone

Betsey Bingham Seibel my son just said there is an active shooter at KI




Later comments say they found someone jump a fence near Soak City to get away from that crash, and they locked down to find the person.

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