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What's your favorite cloned ride?


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It seems like cloned rides get talked about a lot when it comes to predicting park plans, but the rides themselves are rarely discussed. What's your favorite ride that has a clone or near clone?

It can come from Kings Island, or it can come from any other park. The world is your oyster! ;)

Remember, it doesn't have to have an exact replica. For instance, I'd consider Hurler at Carowinds to be a clone of Thunder Run at Kentucky Kingdom, even though the layouts aren't exactly the same.

I'll start: I love the Coney Island Cyclone and the near-clones I've ridden. Viper at Six Flags Great America is a good ride, and Georgia Cyclone was one of my favorite coasters. They're fun, extremely compact layouts that often contain more airtime than what they look like they'd have from the ground.

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The Racer and Racer 75, although R75 has a small difference in the layout.

If there was a category for cloned rides: what version do you love and what version do you hate?  It would be Thunder Run/Hurler.  TR is awesome (airtime, smooth, fast) and Hurler sucks (rough, slow and airtime is terrible).

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On 12/5/2020 at 10:33 AM, coaster sally said:

Manta for me.

In terms of regional parks, the Premier Spaghetti Bowls. The compact layout and launch leads to quite an intense experience. I especially love the Flight of Fear Clones (my 2nd favorite KI coaster), the experience can't be found at many other non-Disney or Universal. I know the queue video can be a little corny, but I have a special place for this ride.

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