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El Toro "Derails"

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What classifies as a derailment and who is correct - the PR person for the park or the regulatory agency?  Park says no derail but the agency that approves the ride for operation said it derailed.  

Kristin Fitzgerald, spokeswoman for Six Flags Great Adventure, said there was no derailment.  “The train’s safety systems worked as designed and the train remained on the track,” she said in an email.

"The rear up-stop wheel, which prevents the train from lifting, came up on top of the rail," DCA spokeswoman Lisa Ryan said. "El Toro will not reopen until the DCA is provided with a report by the ride manufacturer indicating what caused the derailment as well as how to mitigate the issue,"

I would think a wheel not being where it is supposed to be would be a derail.

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Six Flags has become owners of many ghetto parks. Six Flags Over Georgia competes with the mall for foul-mouthed teenagers to be dropped off at. Six Flags Great Adventure lacks inspection of their rides (this and the Log Flume.) They used to be SO much better in the Time Warner days. Why doesn't AT&T buy them?

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53 minutes ago, YuYuYuuki said:

They used to be SO much better in the Time Warner days. Why doesn't AT&T buy them?

No one in their right mind wants to see AT&T buy anything.  They are a poorly managed company that runs every company they buy into the ground.  The good news is that AT&T isn't in a position to buy another company right now due to high debt levels and the costs of upgrading their wireless network to remain competitive.

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6 hours ago, silver2005 said:

^Care to back that up with proof?

I don't approve of YuYuYuuki's choice of words, but there have been shootings in 3 Six Flags parks in Texas in 2021 alone, one in Georgia, and a 20-person melee up at Chicago's Six Flags. It's been a rough year for expecting proper behavior in social places, but Six Flags seems to be especially bad at dealing with it or attracting the type of crowd that doesn't do this type of thing. Kings Island has not been immune to guest behavior problems as has been covered elsewhere. However. 

I think it is probably fair to assume the rest of their park operations are not quite on par with better parks same as we see with their security.

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