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Fathers Day Crowds


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5 hours ago, IrishFan88 said:

My wife got tickets for the whole family for my Fathers day present and we plan on going on Father's Day this Sunday.  Should I expect abnormally large crowds for Fathers Day or should we expect it to be like a normal Sunday crowd?

I would say probably more than usual I wouldn’t say extreme crowds I could be wrong, probably long waits for The big attractions and indoor ones. 

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5 hours ago, disco2000 said:

Weather is always a factor, but in some past Father's day, they were parking in the grass at KI Drive and Western Row.  But those were also bring a friend deal days.

Many here will avoid that day due to past experiences of large crowds.

To be clear, this year bring a friend free is available Mon - Thur so that won't be a factor.  I feel that doing the bring a friend is much better when it is spread out like it is.  Helps the park attendance on slow weekdays.

Looks like partly cloudy and 80.  I would think it will be crowded but only after 1.  I usually get to the park early on Sundays and can get about 3-4 major coasters in by 1.  10-Noon will be your best short line times.  I would suggest Orion and Flight of Fear, then Backlot Stunt Coaster, Beast, Mystic and Diamondback in that order.  Beast, Diamondback and Orion are definitely people movers so don't be deterred later in the day of what lines look like.

Have a great day and happy fathers day in advance!

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10 hours ago, DoomPlague said:

On a related note, that day is also Juneteenth and many people now have Monday off work (since Juneteenth is on a Sunday). So I wonder if Monday will have higher than usual crowds.

That should also feed into Sunday since for those people that don’t work Monday, it basically turns Sunday into a Saturday like the other holiday weekends 

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I'll second what NegativeGs said.  We went after church; I was expecting the worst but figured since we were going after Church we would be there a little before it was super crowded.  Had an unexpected delay, so ended up at the partk around 11:15ish, about an hour later than original planned, but still was able to get a pretty good parking spot.  Racer was a short line for our first ride as a family, then we grabbed lunch.  Took my oldest on Orion which was a station wait while my wife and 2 younger kids did FAAC.  We met them over there after Orion and the line looked fairly short compared to what I would have expected.  My wife and older son went over to Orion to ride that while I took the younger 2 on the Log Flume.  The line was back to the bridge just under the final drop, so not too bad.  Next we all went on Mystic Timbers, had maybe a 15 min wait.  Then we split up again while my daughter and I took her first ever inversion on Flight of Fear, wait was maybe 20 min, no ques in side were open, then she hopped on Zypher and SR&R.  While the 2 oldest and I were doing that, my wife and youngest got in The Beast and Stunt Coaster.  finally, we all met up again, before splitting up for the final rides.  My youngest has been wanting to do Drop Tower and now that he's tall enough (and it was operational) my wife took him and my oldest on that, while my daughter and I rode Adventure Express (10 min) and Viking Fury (station wait).  By this point it was around 4:15, grabbed my daughter some cotton candy to celebrate her first inversion then we headed over to the in laws for dinner and desert.  Doesn't seem like the park ever got crowded.

On a side note, why are the parking lots devoid of the signs that show you the row number that you parked in?  It was like that on my first visit and I just assumed it was an early season thing that hadn't been finished yet, but they still are not up yet.

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Eliminating Bring a Friend discount no doubt had an impact on the crowd size...as did people's past experiences with Father's Day crowds and staying away...so a lot came today 

The south end of the lot still has the row signs.

Maybe not replacing the signs on the north side is a clue along with the land clearing nearby for a parking lot coaster :P

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