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Adventure Port Eaaster Eggs


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So I have now ridden the updated Adventure Express and seen all the old references there and love the theming. 

So a couple questions about what I saw there on crates.

Anyone know the references to these on crates in station:




SANCHOMISH (on wall)



Then there is a barrel in Cargo Loco with this on it:


18A 26 A

On Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc barrel.





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5 hours ago, jdf21972 said:

What does the map mean Ol Sycamore Mine ? Anybody have a clue to the reference here ?

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There is a spot on The Beast I've heard ride ops reference as "Sycamore Holler."  So I'd say it's referencing The Beast. 

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On 6/14/2023 at 8:23 PM, Taylor.B03 said:

Has anyone decoded the morse code played every once in a blue moon in the Adventure Express queue? It's rare to hear but it does exist.

I would love for someone to do this, but I think the audio in the queue needs to be turned up more so it can be more clearly heard.

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I believe Sycamore Gym Mine is supposed to be the first tunnel of AE.


I know The Beast in a very close manner and have never heard of any sort of Sycamore anything with it being referred that way. Unless that is something that just started, but I think the signs basically tell you the location and that you go through it on AE. That map in the queue is AEs layout as wel.

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