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Days Of Thunder Triumphantly Returns!

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I liked Days of Thunder when it was playing so I am glad that it has returned. I see this also as a chance for PKI to bring it in line with the "ride the movies" theme that seems to be the center of their marketing campaign.

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They had a License to be able to Use the James Bond name. Remember Outer Limits was also not a Paramount name, as the name was licensed to the park to use. That is why the ride is just called Fight of Fear now, i'm not sure on who's part, but for some reason the license was not re-newd for Outer Limits.

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This may be a stupid question but the movies shown in FX Theater are they movies that you have to thread through a projector or how does that work. I mean I work at a movie theater and I work as a projectionist sometimes so I know that a projector can be threaded in a minute or less but wouldn't it get a little tiresome for the projectionist. Someone enlighten me.

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