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  1. I'm starting to think the parks will remained closed until next spring. Im usually a positive upbeat person but I'm starting to lose hope.
  2. Not that I don't believe you but is there a source for that? close quarters with thousands of people? I love cruising it's a good way to see many different places. We actually have a Disney Cruise in February. I'm starting to wonder if that's going to happen.
  3. I'm not sure how well weekdays will be at replacing weekends. It to mention a lot of the working class could be out of vacation time and PTo.
  4. I believe Cedar Fair is self insured.
  5. Im preparing some vacations to the Florida parks over the winter of 2020 since I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be a lost season.
  6. I love VF and try to ride it whenever I see it open. A screaming swing could be nice right there though.
  7. I'm sure this is just from a lack of testing or whatever but there less cases reported yesterday.
  8. Is Tan the new color or is that just primer?
  9. We can't live under shelter for ever. Yes we have to protect ourselves but there is over 100,000 cases here. The point of containing is long past.
  10. We still have ours booked but it's not until February. The virus is here we can't stop it anymore.
  11. And who knows when the lockdowns will be lifted.
  12. I hope that if the parks don't open this year maybe they would be able to open slightly earlier next year. Maybe for Kings Island open mid March or Carowinds could open end of February.
  13. I think our only hope right now for any kind of season is that the weather warms up quickly and they virus' hopefully doesn't do well in warm weather. I know that there is no proof of that but it's what I am hoping for.
  14. The virsus is spreading rapidly in the United States. I am hoping we are in the the thick of the storm but honestly I don't think we are. I am preparing myself that this season might be a complete washout.
  15. Been taking this time away from life and working on a new knex model with my son. Brings back great memories and making new ones.
  16. I get it I really do. We have to protect the health of everyone but how many more lives are we destroying by keeping business shut down? Losing a summer is going to absolutely kill the economy.
  17. If people who can just stay home it will be over that much faster. I can still hear a lot of traffic from our house.
  18. I have been keep track on a spreadsheet and notice a slight down tick in new cases over night. Not sure if it's going to be a trend or if it's from a lack of testing.
  19. I think they might be in a hold status but I don't think the park is going to lose much money from this as long as they open mid May what ever days are lost are being added back to the calendar. Let's hope for the best and keep are heads held up high. This will be over before we know it.
  20. I would love this. They have some extra times in their hands now. Maybe it will happen.
  21. It's the sale of tickets not the actual event. Although that could be a possibility.
  22. 1 Steel Vengeance -1 vs. 16 New Texas Giant 2 Lightning Rod -1 vs. 15 Wonderwoman 3 Iron Rattler-1 vs. 14 Millennium Force 4 Voyage vs. 13 Goliath (SFGAM)-1 5 Maverick-1 vs. 12 Raging Bull 6 Orion vs. Diamondback-1 7 Time Traveler vs. 10 Mystic Timbers -1 8 Storm Chaser-1 vs. 9 Outlaw Run West 1 X2-1 vs. 16 Silver Bullet 2 Twisted Colossus-1 vs. 15 Timber Terror 3 Ghostrider-1 vs. 14 Tremors 4 Goldstriker-1 vs. 13 Hang Time 5 West Coast Racers-1 vs. 12 Apocolypse 6 Tatsu
  23. It doesn't look good because people aren't listening. Stay at home and the problem will go away quickly. However the chance for that has long come and gone.
  24. I have been playing that game lately. Legoland in Japan is planning on opening Monday.
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