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  1. Maybe it’s a work in progress.
  2. I agree that you are probably right...but I also wonder sometimes if the park doesn't fall into the same mentality that I find where I work when I question something that doesn't seem logical...I get a reply "Because that's the way we've always done it".
  3. My family doesn’t seem to have a problem.
  4. Especially if it’s a teenager with a season pass who is not spending money on souvenirs since they are there every night...which in turn adds to the crowd...which in turn makes said family wonder if it’s worth the heartache of fighting the crowd. (I know...beating a dead horse.)
  5. I agree...she is one of the better characters.
  6. Finally, someone has come up with an original new topic for a thread! (I just hope it doesn’t go the way of the drone flying, mask enforcement, or is Orion a giga or not threads! ) P.S. Sorry Shanny, I don’t know the answer.
  7. Maybe put one out in the parking lot which reads: ”Former location of our parking lot with no pot holes...circa 1974”
  8. I can’t picture the park ever having a museum....it would only remind guests of rides they might miss...they always want to have everyone looking into the future, not the past. (Not that I wouldn’t love to see one though.) My number one thing would be for a red, white & blue Racer for the anniversary.
  9. Not my photo...found it on Pinterest.
  10. No one will ever accuse you of over selling your posts! I thought your shots were interesting...the one above is my favorite. I do find it amusing that you "kids" seem to find things us old timers grew up with and were thrilled to see improved upon and discarded "cool"...Poloroid pictures, vinyl LPs, cassette tapes...
  11. https://www.vox.com/the-goods/21346476/disney-world-reopening-magic-kingdom-covid-florida
  12. And my theme choice would be the obvious...with a slight twist, I think they improved it when they remade it in 1986.
  13. Do you mean this Ray Stevens song? I found it SO annoying...I had to go out and buy it! (The best place to get it is on the “Pecker” soundtrack.)
  14. It would have been easy money for them....certainly something they could use now.
  15. I hope someone finds it for you.
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