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  1. So many good memories of Winterfest...I will certainly miss it this year. One of Santa’s elves at making cookies with Mrs. Claus.
  2. I am happy that the park came up with some more...hopefully everyone who couldn’t get one the first time will get one this time.
  3. Yes, congratulations to WhatTheBlazes...very nice shot!
  4. I am out of town...so I didn’t have access to my computer photos...so I grabbed these off of my Walgreens photo account...this one was from 2009, so it should be Massacre Manor’s line.
  5. And, if there is a silver lining through all of this...it’s that we can all avoid this!
  6. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  7. A very Happy Halloween to everyone!
  8. That’s what I miss about being young...I haven’t been an optimist in years! I am really looking forward to your book! (The delay also gives you the opportunity to include a little bit about the park during this COVID time period if you choose.)
  9. Kinda like Super Sugar Crisp cereal when I was a kid...the advertising was better than the actual product!
  10. Maybe the family haven’t decided what they want to put on it yet.
  11. A piece of the track was my number one choice for a souvenir...so I am happy, but the park missed the boat not saving (and selling) pieces of the iconic station...which would have doubled as a Bat souvenir too!
  12. Reminds me of the good old days when I worked in a record store...customers would come in and sing (and usually butcher the lyrics to) a song that they were looking to buy...I’m guessing you’re looking for Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right”!
  13. I don’t see that at all. (Too easy of a joke to pass up. I would have used the term “straight man”...but I did that once on here and someone thought I was alluding to their sexuality!)
  14. We both know that comparing the reselling of a house and this are worlds apart. With a home you either have years of extra maintenance cost invested, or if you are flipping houses you have remodeling expenses...that is not the case here. I do not have a problem with anyone selling something they own at a profit...I have sold stuff I no longer want/need on eBay many times. I have a problem when someone takes away someone else’s opportunity to buy something the same way they did purely to make an obscene amount of profit. I think that there is a difference between reselling something tha
  15. Although it’s been said, many times, many ways...anyone selling one of The Vortex kits on eBay should be ashamed of themselves. (I hope it is no one here on KIC.) I picture this ruining it for anyone that actually needs more than one of a limited collectible item in the future.
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