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  1. I like seeing signs that Spring is coming...it makes being at home a little easier if you can at least enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Just practicing my selective quote journalism skills in case I need to go looking for a temporary job in the future.
  3. If this article is accurate...at least the state of Ohio should be better off economically than most others. (I'm in Illinois...so we're about in the middle.) https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/coronavirus-states-hardest-financially-154119387.html
  4. As for The Interpreter, I have always thought he was an acquired taste...you just had to know how to read his comments, otherwise they could sometimes come off as rude...which I don’t think was ever his intention. I only had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times in person, and I concur, he was always nice.
  5. I lost my job once due to downsizing years ago* I can understand your feelings, it can be scary. Unless someone has been through this it is hard to understand how it feels. (Things that you once considered important don’t even enter your mind because of the really important things that you are dwelling on.) Once again, I wish you all the best and try to keep thinking positive...although I know through experience that is hard. *In the end I did find a new/better job and it turned out fine...I hope the same for you.
  6. Oh...you don't have to worry about THAT around here!
  7. As an adult I am impressed with how nice The International Street buildings look all lit up at night...I imagine to a young child they must appear even more magical.
  8. @BeeastFarmer, that is an amazing stone fence! (The flowers are nice too. )
  9. @Joshua, I am so sorry about your situation ...hopefully this won’t last too long.
  10. Even though this quote is from a politician...it is not meant to be political, I just like what he said...it still seems like a lot of the younger generation do not realize that even if it probably won’t affect their own personal health as much, it can for someone they come in contact with. An elected official had a blunt message for the spring breakers. "Quit being an a**," Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen told CNN affiliate KXAN. "Get over yourselves. Whether you think this is an issue or not, it is. Whether you think it could affect you or not, it does. The reality of it is, if I'm a college kid who's going to spring break in Mexico, you're affecting a lot of people. Grow up." https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/austin-spring-breakers-coronavirus-trnd/index.html
  11. I agree, Sour Apple was really good...I didn’t get a thrill out of Ranch, but it was interesting. The worst, although it tasted perfect was Onion! 0489F60B-D7EB-4ADF-8077-D871CCE1FA8C.MOV
  12. That’s fine with me...a worthy cause!
  13. This made my morning! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/viking-fury-gets-new-coat-of-paint i have been waiting a long time for Viking Fury to get it’s well deserved TLC...thank you Kings Island!
  14. It’s like people are fighting to be the winner of this year’s Darwin Award...it literally makes me shake my head in disbelief.
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