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  1. They could steal a line Steve Martin used to describe one of his television specials back in the day... ”It’s fine, wholesome entertainment for the whole d*mn family”. (The auto sensor kept changing the word that holds water back to darn...so I had to post it like that!)
  2. I know/hope you’re kidding...be careful, I got so burnt 2 years ago that I was worried that I had done myself permanent damage. (I could have filled a pop/soda can with the pus that bubbled all over my body...it was scary.)
  3. I have not made it to Carowinds... yet. One of the things I love about Kings Island is how most of their coasters are isolated/buried out of sight. Looking at Fury 325, it's a nice looking coaster...looks very Scooby-Doo-ish to me...but it's a shame it ends up right by the parking lot. Is Carowinds "land locked"?
  4. This is another example of why I love Kings Island so much, it is not just about the rides, it's also the atmosphere. Thanks to everyone that made this happen! (As for the inside, I am perfectly happy with the decor and the level of the lighting... I do wish they would turn down the volume on the shows to make it a little more tolerable...it's not the quality of the shows, it's the volume that drives us away sometimes.)
  5. Nice to see one of your excellent trip reports after all these years! Thanks for taking the time to do it. It looks like the park was easily within walking distance...or is that an illusion? (Until the owner recently sold it, my family and I would rent a small house about a block from The Great Wolf Lodge. Some of us would just walk back from the park after Halloween Haunt...is it farther than that?) I couldn't have eaten that meat...definitely to rare for me. (I like how we as a society use the term rare instead of raw... because asking for something like medium-raw would sound to gross! )
  6. These are great! Every time a new batch comes out I am amazed...because to me , they appear to be a niche item. I can’t picture the park selling a too many of most of these designs, so to me they are more of a labor of love, not something pumped out for a big profit...which makes me like them even more. I will be picking all of them up! (I love it when a souvenir item is exclusive to Kings Island...compared to any item that could be sold in any Cedar Fair Park...like the majority of Planet Snoopy items.)
  7. I agree, with all the work CF has done making the park so nice, this really stands out. I wish they would make some kind of removable facade for the building.
  8. I must have missed the John Wayne movie where he was riding a coaster.
  9. I love this news!!! Some of my fondest Kings Island memories are attending Fearfest and coming back to the campground to roast marshmallows around a nice warm fire.
  10. If this were about 10 years ago we could look forward to seeing it end up in a haunt covered with “blood”!
  11. For what it was I thought it was ok, decoration wise I thought it was a bit repetitive...but I still had a good time when I went through it. There were a couple of scareactors who were very personable when I went through. I think every haunt has something redeeming if you look around. On a side note, it must be agony for anyone who puts their heart and soul into doing their best, only to be stuck with people who are just there to collect a paycheck...it must seem like a no win situation.
  12. Thanks for sharing...I love seeing unique Halloween Haunt photos.
  13. I respectfully disagree. I have been a season pass holder for almost 20 years. I have only been to opening day once, about 15 years ago...but I will be there this year. I can not wait to see The new/old International Street in person...so it is building excitement!
  14. Thanks for sharing Ty...it’s much appreciated.
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