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  1. I have said it in the past, but I’ll say it again...I don’t understand how the park doesn’t realize what a goldmine they have in The Undertaker. Not only does he have a unique look, his “on air” personality is great. Why the park has not built their ad campaign for Halloween Haunt around him I can not understand. He should be the official host. I would love it if they would create a statue of him like they did of this previous host.
  2. If that’s the case, what’s the point of the honor? It would be the equivalent of only fellow musicians knowing who is in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame.
  3. Judging by the crowd it draws when it’s over in the water park, I am guessing this will make Planet Snoopy pretty congested.
  4. I am also old...and I am the first to admit my memory is not the greatest. I have been to every year of Fearfest & Halloween Haunt, I also can not remember walking in Congo Falls waterway...but I do seem to remember walking in White Water Canyon’s. It was on one of the variations of the train haunt. After the train “broke down” you walked to the second half of the haunt. Unless my memory is way off, I swear at one point we walked through part of the waterway. Anyone know if I am right or not?
  5. Agree 100%. The train was the only weak spot of Winterfest.
  6. Even though I have never added to the collection, for some reason I like this tradition. It reminds me of the old gum tree in the line for White Water Canyon back in the day...I miss that.
  7. ^Yeah, that was an awful time period...those cups were awkward to deal with at the park.
  8. A couple of more items that I have...and STILL not as cool as Alex103’s shirt!
  9. Not nearly as cool as Alex103’s shirt...but here is a mug that I own.
  10. Since you were nice enough to give us the answer in the first part of your sentence, my “final answer” is....shed. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. )
  11. ^^ I agree...that shirt is great!
  12. Must....not....make....new....fountain....joke.
  13. Thank you so much for sharing...a lot of fun to look at! (Just curious, were the square ones with rounded corners taken with a Brownie camera?)
  14. Yeah, now that that post it note has been filled out, heads will roll!
  15. Ha ha! Cute location for your watermark...at first I thought KI Central was finally getting some love from the park.
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