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  1. (No offense to anyone involved with this bathroom discussion...I just found at amazing how many posts are in a thread about bathrooms. )
  2. Adding that last line wasn’t really necessary...I think I had it figured out half way through your post!
  3. True...but doubling it?! (My paycheck hasn’t doubled in the last 15 years!) They could have at least made it 3 tokens for a dollar, that percentage of an increase would have been more realistic.
  4. I never would have guessed that..it seems like some guys go way out of their way to make a mess.
  5. At 25 cents my family wouldn’t mind spending a couple of bucks squirting random strangers after we got off the ride...at 50 cents a shot that probably won’t be happening much anymore.
  6. That is so sickening sweet...it sounds like something you would hear on a show like “Touched By An Angel”.
  7. So...are you saying that no one can ever change YOUR mind? (I like to think I am flexible...)
  8. @Linny, I don’t know if the $29.99 is a discounted website price...if not, just purchase them in the park when you arrive to save on the service charge.
  9. Choosing a place to eat does get more of a challenge with a little one...the first thought in your head is “Is there anything _____________ can eat there”!
  10. Shouldn’t that have read differently?! (Just me trying to make a joke/be a jerk! )
  11. Nice job throwing on the “imo”... more posters should take note...imo.
  12. And to those people I would say the same thing we say at work when someone complains about their job....don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
  13. I started buying these last year...they can be a lot of fun. I usually hide the label and have everyone try and guess the flavor. Some of the flavors don’t quite seem to taste like what they are supposed to...but they are (usually) still good. The worst one was the onion flavored...but it was right on the money!
  14. Nothing against them, but I think something different will be nice.
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