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  1. Well, the KIGear Black Friday isn’t what I had hoped for…I have pretty much everything on the list that I want…I would like to own the banners, but I think those are way overpriced. One thing that IS nice is free shipping on orders of $100.00 or more! https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/black-friday-20-off-select-50th-anniversary?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=blackfriday&fbclid=IwAR2RClSBivquLgAM2I7zi54fthH-gk9lOxP2Y-0yJx1k8UBBx4qZ0fH7Sko
  2. Hoping (probably unrealistically) that the KIGear site will have some sort of Black Friday sale…I can dream.
  3. I agree with both opinions of TombraiderFTW & Shaggy about the latest batch…there is no justice that The Crypt ends up with a pin…I mean really, the parking lot trams were WAY more beloved and it doesn’t appear they will be getting a pin. And as for the Delirium one, I love the ride and was hoping for (finally) a nice pin of the ride…but it is basically a bigger version of the one from years ago…Delirium deserved better.
  4. Son of Beast….worst coaster ever…with (seriously) the best loop ever! (The only reason I endured the ride was to be able to experience that loop. )
  5. @funpark Truly a deserved win…your photo is amazing, congratulations!
  6. Thrilled to be getting a Fearfest pin!!! Also, I was never a Son of Beast fan…but boy that’s a nice looking pin! It’s ironic that the best SOB pin to be released has come way after the ride was torn down.
  7. I will retract my comment about the Invertigo pin…it is 2 layers high and looks a lot nicer than the park’s photo shows.
  8. Maybe the park could utilize slow periods in the gift shops…and instead of the old “Leaning Time Is Cleaning Time” signs, they could switch it to “Nano Coaster Building Time”!
  9. Well, unfortunately, design wise, neither of the latest pins are anything to write home about…but fortunately for me, neither ride is in my top favorites. I do find it odd how some of the pins are super deluxe, and others simply plain…for example, I never would have guessed that the Flight Commander would get the deluxe treatment while Adventure Express got a generic pin.
  10. I ordered the Invertigo & Drop Tower pins sight unseen…gotta complete the set, so it really doesn’t matter what they look like…but I am hoping that the Drop Tower one is a little more deluxe and has it so that the ring slides up and down…I can dream!
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