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  1. I agree that this is likely the case most of the time...but I picture the late Walt Disney working in reverse, I picture him coming up with an idea for an attraction...then telling his imagineers to “make it happen”.
  2. I love seeing all of this old stuff in one thread. Here are a couple of my own photo trip reports from back in the day. (I can’t believe that the photos are still being hosted somewhere after all these years.) On another recent thread, @BeastForever was wondering why some people would throw around things like “this site ain’t what it used to be”...I think some of the above things, and these trip reports are an example of why some of us miss the “good old days”. I would count KIC Day as one of the best days of my (arguably pathetic) life...I made some friendships that day that have lasted all these years. KIC Day Photo Trip Report (2008) Then, with the relationship still going strong between the park, and this site we were given an off season event! standbyme’s Blues Party PTR (2009) And here is @Gordon Bombay’s excellent trip report for the same event...I wish the photos were still visible...hint hint!) Battling the Off Season Blues - The Day in Photos Good times! I miss a lot of our past members. For the record, I am not saying that we all got along back then...just like every “family”, people argued...but it did seem like we were at least more of a cohesive unit than we are now. And also for the record, I appreciate quite a bit of you “newer posters” that have tried to keep this spirit alive over the past few years. (I gave up for a few years and just lurked because I didn’t think it was worth trying to keep a presence going on here.) I am glad that your passion for the park has kept this site going... I really need my daily Kings Island fix! It would be nice if everyone could meet face to face again like this again..I think it’s a lot harder to be mean/disrespectful to someone once you can put a face to the name and know what they are actually like. One last “shout out”... I think Brad @IndyGuy4KI & @malem are doing an excellent job at moderating! It’s got to be a nightmare of a job trying to please both us and the park...I know most of us appreciate it. (At least the ones of us who aren’t jerks do...just kidding, just kidding. )
  3. (In an old man’s voice) Well I remember showing up at the park for my first visit of the year Back in the day only to find that Kenton’s Cove Keelboat Canal had been removed... I had no idea it was happening.
  4. At least we know that somebody at the park has a sarcastic sense of humor! (I approve. )
  5. I think the pins are some of the better souvenirs that the park offers...I love that they are digging up older rides! As a side note, there has already been a Vortex one...but maybe they’ll do a different one now that the ride has been retired.
  6. Congratulations TOPGUN1993, a very cool picture! I think this contest was proof positive of just how picturesque Vortex is/was that it could inspire the incredible variety of shots that everyone came up with. I enjoyed seeing all of them and thank everyone for sharing them.
  7. Normally I would dispute this...but after researching your posting history I guess I have no choice but to believe you. (Sorry IndyGuy, I couldn’t resist.)
  8. I scanned the article from an actual physical magazine that I own.
  9. I doubt Vortex will be able to say hi to SoB...it’s probably in a whole different (lower) place.
  10. Just saw a picture of the line over on Facebook...it looks insane...but fun! I hope everyone who wants a last ride gets one.
  11. I agree with the spirit of your post...but took a little offense to this part...us older people are not just claiming that we used to leave their doors unlocked, it’s a fact. When I was a kid getting home from school I didn’t have to worry about being locked out if no one was home, the door was just always unlocked...sure we locked the doors at night, but during the day we never felt the need...same way with our cars, unlocked with the keys thrown under the front seat! It all seems like science fiction now, even to me...but it is really true. It’s too bad those days are gone. I have been a member here since the very beginning. In my humble opinion, things around here do not have the “one big happy family” feel that they once had... but that has been an eternity ago, and even then, that didn’t last more than about 5 or so years. I miss that.
  12. That is until your publisher tells you that you need to “spice It up” a bit to sell more copies....then the reason will read something like: “The engineers had known for years, Vortex was a death-trap on wheels...”.
  13. Good for it! I’ve had some great memories on it...starting back when it was Top Cat’s Taxi Jam.
  14. I will give you that I should of said that it was last weekend, not is last weekend when I described my photo...sorry for the confusion. (And thanks to @King Ding Dong for coming to my defense.)
  15. Now, for Vortex, the bottom of the stairs would seem like nothing! (This is last weekend, I bet it’s worse today.)
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