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  1. And for just a split second I had to think what site I was currently on.
  2. Because your family is counting on you...they need something to sort through when you pass!
  3. That’s interesting...next time I am in the Cincinnati area I might have to stop by a Larosa’s and see what they are actually like...I have always assumed that Kings Island was a good representation of their pizza...which has never impressed me.
  4. Personally, I would say it’s vice versa.
  5. It’s probably a handy building for the park to have around...so I doubt that they want to get rid of it...but I agree, it does distract from the atmosphere while you are riding Racer.
  6. Cool...I hope that means the shuttles will be coming back!
  7. I may not agree with everything the author said...but people screaming was not his complaint, just the time of day. Here is his quote: “We like hearing the train ride; we like hearing people having fun. We just don’t like hearing it when we’re trying to sleep,” said Ken Taylor.
  8. To anyone who was wondering how well The KI Gear site packs their items...I was really impressed. They were double boxed...plus packing in each box!
  9. Vortex is back in stock at KI Gear. I will also say that I received a shipment of ornaments from them and they were packed VERY well!
  10. In case anyone is interested, Kings Island Gear is now offering the new Vortex and one of the Orion Christmas ornaments. https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/nanocoasters I ordered both of them...shipping was a flat rate of $10.00.
  11. My family made it to Winterfest last weekend. Here are a few of my observations: The Sweet Shop never ceases to amaze me...they come up with such amazing creations! The park looked great, as always...I really could go there and not ride a single ride and be happy. Making cookies with Mrs. Claus is always fun...one of the best family oriented activities at Winterfest. I love the endless photo ops that the park has set up all around the park. I am sure that for decades to come people will look back fondly at some of the pictures that they have taken. (I think the nostalgic TV was my favorite.) The roaming characters couldn’t have been better...I love how Scrooge can stay in character yet not scare the young ones. (Side note, is Jingle Balls still around this year?) I skipped the train ride...seeing the 12 Days Of Christmas from Mystic Timbers was plenty...please change the theme next year! I wish they could improve meeting Santa. For those who have never done it, it is actually kind of creepy. It is not bright and cheery inside, it is only lit by black lights...perfect for Halloween, not Christmas. My guess for the reason they do this is to guarantee that parents will buy the photos...since flash photography is not allowed, you would not be able to get a decent picture unless you purchased it. Not that I have a problem with buying them, we always buy the photos, and still would not matter what. My problem is that this makes meeting Santa a surreal experience...how does a kid process that Santa likes sitting in a darkly lit room instead of a brightly lit one? Santa, as always looked great, different from last year, but always great...and we love our photos. I just wish the park could figure out how to prevent cell phone photo taking and have it lit nicely for the kids. Here is a shot of the room and Santa in case you’re curious. Kings Island, thanks for another great Winterfest!
  12. If you hear this is a possibility, let me know ASAP...I may have to flip my first house!
  13. So, the park selling them for $45.00 end cost is too much...but an eBay seller selling them for the same price is not? I agree that eBay does have a good buyer protection plan...but I see no reason why the park’s merchandising department wouldn’t be at least equal to that.
  14. I am glad that the park seems to be trying to counteract the scalpers on eBay.
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