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  1. standbyme

    International street makeover

    Every year when I am helping decorate a family member's Christmas tree I always mention that this is the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery....push a button and a trap door would open and up would pop the already decorated tree from the basement...life couldn't get any better! (Unless you count that you wouldn't have to un-decorate it either...then that might be better.) I know, i'm a Scrooge.
  2. standbyme

    KI Blog: The Beast gets its name 40 years ago today

    I hate getting old, I don’t understand half of the slang words that kids use today.
  3. standbyme

    The new KI Director of Food & Beverage is...

    That’s my biggest complaint about the park food, the quality does not justify the price. I wouldn’t be nearly as upset if I could have one of the following: 1. HOT, decent tasting food at the current prices...then I could at least say “Yes, it is pricey, but it tastes pretty good”. 2. The current quality of food at lower prices, then my mindset would be “Yeah it’s not great but at least it’s not that expensive”. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the park...but eating at the park is my least favorite thing to do there, it is the only time that I feel like we the customers are treated like cattle. It is too much trouble to complain when we get cold or dried out food, so we just live with it...but we (my family) have been cutting down more and more on how often we eat inside the park when we go.
  4. standbyme

    The new KI Director of Food & Beverage is...

    @Jes Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself, it is appreciated. On one hand I don’t envy your task...but on the other, in my opinion you have nowhere else but up to go!
  5. standbyme

    International street makeover

    After all, just like Christmas when you’re young, the anticipation is half of the fun. (And unfortunately, sometimes even better!)
  6. standbyme

    International street makeover

    I love all the TLC Cedar Fair is putting into the park...with that said, this news both scares & excites me! I can think of things that I would love changed...but fear that they will remove things I love. (I'll keep my fingers crossed.)
  7. standbyme

    Racer Track Work 2019

    @Joshua "OMG! KI is bringing back the Keelboats!"...heading over to FB to post the news now...thanks for the heads-up!
  8. standbyme

    How was your 2018 season?

  9. standbyme

    How was your 2018 season?

    @Bansheelover I can’t fathom living so close to the park that it becomes a pit stop while you’re running errands...it must be nice!
  10. standbyme

    How was your 2018 season?

    I had another good year at the park. My family & I made 4 three day trips this year. I once again want to compliment the landscaping department...the park looked great this year. My nephew also turned 4 this year and hit the 40” mark...so lots of cool new adventures with him! Even though the new Coney Barbecue is not my food style, I love the new building and the nice back access to the carousel. We all attended the Peanuts Celebration...that was a nice special event! I have attended every Fearfest & Halloween Haunt...and either i’m getting bored or the park is. I thought that this year’s version may have been my least favorite. The whole thing seems on lackluster autopilot...and I hate that Winterfest invades it...it ruins the atmosphere. I will give props to the Pumpkin Eater walk through...the hanging pumpkins were excellent. Haunt was always my favorite time of year at the park...not so much now. I’m beginning to wonder if fighting the huge crowds for a “been there done that” event is worth it anymore. Winterfest...what can I say, I am not a big Christmas fan...but the park is amazing!!! It looks awesome, and there is just SO much to do. I would have a real tough time picking my favorite...the roaming characters, the lights, the photo ops...it is all great. ( I would ditch the haunted house entrance though...that ain’t fooling anyone.) Thanks Kings Island for another great year!
  11. standbyme

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    @Rallyomalley The fact that you have been to the park 110 times and yet you still continue to eat the park’s food tells them that they have no reason to improve it.
  12. standbyme

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    Watching the TV series “The Great Christmas Light Fight”...made me wonder, does the park have a rough estimate how many lights it takes to create Winterfest? (Sorry if I missed the number if it was mentioned somewhere already.)
  13. standbyme

    WinterFest Tips And Advice?

    Just soaking in the sights is the main thing to do...it is quite an experience. I had to ride Mystic Timbers just to say that I had ridden it in December...and in the cold, but other that & the train I wouldn’t worry about any of the rides. (Although do go into the entrance to Flight Of Cheer and check out the posters...they are fun!) I love taking family photos...and the park has gone above and beyond providing great photo ops. It amazed me how many that there are this year. Have fun!
  14. standbyme

    International Street Discussion

    Well sure, if you’re going to bring logic into the conversation it’s not possible. (But if the park operates like it does where I work, logic very rarely comes into play.)
  15. standbyme

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    And if no one does recognize you...you won’t be...that’s kinda surreal.