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  1. standbyme

    the Partridge Family at Kings Island

    I just finished watching the new documentary "David Cassidy: The Last Session". It is interesting...but sad. But the reason I mention it is because for a very brief 5 seconds or so there is a shot of David filming the pool scene at Kings Island Inn. (You see lighting rigs and either the poolside table has been switched out for this shot or simply covered in a black cloth.) Comcast offers it on demand at the moment.
  2. standbyme

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    1. Any plans to give Viking Fury some long over due TLC? It has needed a new paint job for more years than I can count, it would be nice to have someone talented take some time painting the woman on the front of the boat really nice & detailed. (It would be too much to hope for to have a sail reinstalled.) The ride seems to still draw enough of a crowd to deserve some love. 2. Where did the “goldfish” go in the pond? (Did they die or were they removed...I have been told both stories by employees.)
  3. standbyme

    Has anyone been the only one on a certain ride before

    I have had a few, but my two favorites are: Viking Fury...being the only one on the ship was awkward, especially when you outnumber the crew. The Beast. (Front row of course.) This was over 10 years ago, it was a cold rainy October day...not too many brave souls out and about that day. (There loss!) It was so much fun having the whole train to myself and something I'll always remember.
  4. standbyme

    Interesting Things Ride-Ops Do

    I personally love the spieling...it keeps things interesting. I didn’t catch his name, but there was a great guy at Viking Fury when I was there a few weeks ago. He would interact with people on the boat...if they were wearing a sports jersey he would comment on the team, call out a a guys mutton chops.. etc...all tastefully done and fun. It helped pass the time and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Keep up the good work!
  5. standbyme

    No cameras allowed in Kings Island?

    I visited the photographers website, there are some very nice photos there. The site features many different topics, including lots of Kings Island. It is pretty obvious the photographer is taking pictures of people that are not in his party...and offers prints for sell on the site. I am guessing the park has become familiar with the photographer and that is why he was singled out...just my guess though. On a side note, I am also curious what kind of camera he was using, if you watch the video his hand/arm partially “fade out”.
  6. standbyme

    Lion Country Safari Mauling: An Untold Story

    Very sad, but interesting. Thanks!
  7. Thank God! Dinosaurs Alive lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I will give that it was an ambitious project...but it never thrilled anyone in my family. I agree with Avatar...the possibilities for use with The Haunt of Winterfest are endless, I hope they keep it for that, I don't want to lose anymore trees.
  8. standbyme

    Tower Gardens is currently closed

    Oh the good old days...how I miss them!
  9. standbyme

    Kings Island Easter Eggs

    There is some great stuff there! It is obvious that the park has someone who seriously loves the park thinking a lot of these things up. If the Tomb Raider drum beat is the one that I think it is I look forward to hearing it in the park again. (Years ago I created my own loop and still listen to it every now and then!) Keep up the good/creative work Kings Island!
  10. standbyme

    Kings Island Music

    About time!
  11. standbyme

    Standing within' 3 feet of 1974

    medford, thank you for the kind words. I am glad that the post still holds up after all these years. (I do stop in quite a lot...I just feel out of touch adding to most of the conversations so I have just become a lurker.)
  12. In a perfect world there would be no need for any TOS rules on a forum If everyone would just "Treat everyone like they would like to be treated". (Yeah I know, John Lennon and I can imagine.)
  13. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, bloods, wastoids, dweebies....they all adore him.
  14. standbyme

    Standing within' 3 feet of 1974

    It's nice to see a new generation discover this thread. I did have a good time doing it. I started a new job 4 years ago and do not have the same amount of spare time/vacation time that I did back when I created this thread. I am sitting on a couple of sets of older slides that I do plan on giving the "standing within' 3 feet" treatment to if I ever get the time....but there never seems to be enough time to do the things you wanna do once you find them...
  15. standbyme

    stashua123's 4/29/2016 PTR

    Nice nice report....it sounds like a very good day at the park. (And I agree, that's a very good ride photo!)