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  1. But those children, who it doesn't usually affect badly will be going home to their parents, who, according to statistics are usually older.
  2. Just wondering if the 20-49 age bracket has the highest percentage because they do not fear it as much as the over 49 population and are not as cautious? (No data to back it up, just wondering.)
  3. Thanks for thinking of me! (I am looking forward to seeing it in person.)
  4. The world would be a lot nicer if more people felt that way.
  5. @Oldschool75, Thanks for posting these! I smiled when I saw the Festhaus one...didn't see that one coming. I will buy them all...hopefully...but Adventure Express deserved to be better than that.
  6. Aye matey! I think he was referring to the fact that when these impressive vessels sailed the seven seas, glass had not yet been invented...so they used wood panels instead. (Life was much more brighter with the coming of glass.)
  7. I also would have liked to see a little more detail on the paint job...but overall it is still great to see it spruced up...especially with our current Covid conditions. I know money has to be tight for the park right now, so it’s nice that they still went to the trouble to do a project that could have easily been postponed another year.
  8. It could be worse...at least they don’t have a mandatory buddy system.
  9. I understand why the park is limiting reservations to one day initially...there’s just no way for them to predict the demand...but it is about a 3 1/2 hour drive each way for me and my family...it’s not thrilling to think we will be driving for 7 hours total to be in the park for just 8. (We usually make all of trips 3 day trips to make it worth our while.) I can live with every other condition the park has listed, but this might be a deal breaker for my family. I wonder what the odds are that it will change in the near future...not that anyone can really predict that.
  10. Yes, congratulations TOPGUN1993!
  11. I think the color choice is good...it does make the ride stand out a little more...it has been blending more and more into the background. (Do the supports match the fence around Hank’s?)
  12. What, no additional behind the scenes story about how the park chose that particular shade of brown... or do we have to wait for your book...speaking of which, any update on its release?
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