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  1. Any updates where the campground stands...has the WC Planning Committee approved it...have they broken ground...anything?
  2. @Delirium123, Very nice night shots...thanks for sharing.
  3. A lot of times there are 3 of us...so a stranger either on Diamondback...or sitting next to one of us on any of the other coasters just kind of ruins it because you have to explain to friends that “No, no you don’t know who that person is”. (As you know, they can crop a whole row of people out of a photo...so on rides like The Beast if there are 2 extra people behind us, it doesn’t matter.)
  4. And, food for thought to any of the “higher ups” who might be reading this...I am more likely to purchase a photo of my family members on a coaster when it doesn’t include some random stranger in it. (That alone should make them reconsider this policy....mmmmm.....more money! )
  5. I assume that majority of the people who frequent this site live fairly close to the park...that is not the case with me. After driving from Illinois I want to maximize my time with things I WANT to do...I have to be pretty upset to waste my time in Guest Services...especially if I think that all they are going to do is politely listen to me and then forget whatever I said as soon as I leave. That is why I post things here (good and bad) once I am home.
  6. Sounds like she’s missing her calling as a security guard at concerts.
  7. Oh how I miss The Interpreter when I see certain posts!
  8. ^Can’t decide if that’s a photo of footers with a watermark...or a photo of a watermark that just happens to have footers in the background.
  9. @Gordon Bombay @Joshua @teenageninja I think my point was missed...my point was that I think it is a cop-out to blame a few posters for the lack of another KIC Day. The root of the problem has to go deeper than that. As for running into a (very very very) occasionally rude employee, believe me, I can empathize. I worked with the public for over 20 years... and Joshua was right on the money when he said the GP can be “real snots”. Whoever made up that old “The customer is always right” slogan never dealt with the public! (In the past I have even been held up...but oddly enough, that wasn’t the worst,,, it was was when a customer didn’t get a refund they felt they deserved, he threatened to be waiting for me with a knife after work...I worked alone...he never showed...but by his demeanor I was sure he was going to be waiting for me.) I find it amazing that I could be having a great day with countless customers... but get just one bad one and it ruins your whole day...so believe me, I (almost) know what the associates deal with...but I can’t imagine dealing with the sheer volume of people they have to contend with. To be able to keep a smile on their face throughout the day is an amazing feat, something I do notice...and I do appreciate. (Have I hijacked this thread enough?!...I’ll get it back on course,,,boy those buildings look great this year!)
  10. For the park condemn the whole KIC community based on a small percentage of posters would be as fair as me condemning the whole park when I run into a rude park associate.
  11. Like a drug dealer getting you hooked...then raising the price.
  12. I didn’t realize that...I could of swore it was just the last Haunt when I smelled them in Coney Mall...I guess time flies when you’re having fun!
  13. I had an odd/bad experience on our last visit at Diamondback. The op asked us how many were in our party...three...then assigned us to two different cars?!? We ignored his assigned choices and stood in a car where we could all be together...when he saw what we did he didn’t confront us, but he did give me a death stare. I was about to go over and explain why we did what we did but the gates opened for us to board. Why bother asking how many in your party if you’re going to split them up?!
  14. ^ That sewer smell that’s over by Delrium every now and then. That EXTREMELY nasty smell that the female ginkgo trees make in the fall The petting zoo area.
  15. @KIghostguy, thanks for the link. Having the details is both interesting...and very sad.
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