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  1. They wouldn’t even have to touch the Paramount years unless they wanted to…there are enough older rides still unaccounted for…plus they could do things like The International Restaurant, original marquee sign, the inflatable theater, fountain with pedestals…I could fill out probably 75 pins…but then of course most people wouldn’t want most of them!
  2. If we were living in a world like the movie “Liar, Liar”…at least half of the restaurants in America would have to use this as their slogan!
  3. This sign ended up at a flea market for sale way over 10 years ago…I regret not buying it now…although I have no idea (still) where I would have put it.
  4. I like this…but I have also liked seeing all of the scareactors congregate at the foot of the fountain at the end of the evening…it gives me a good chance to see the makeup & costumes in a good light…so I’m a bit torn over this.
  5. Skylab…so big the card can’t hold it all!
  6. Yeah…Funpix is a must for me, it pays for itself in no time.
  7. Numbers 23 & 24…I really like the Festhaus one! Now that the regular season is over and we are only at 24 pins released…I wonder, will they try and complete the set by the end of this year, or just keep bringing out 50th Anniversary stuff next year?!
  8. I am assuming this is not the coin you are talking about, correct? If so, would you mind sharing a picture of it? (So I can be on the lookout for it! )
  9. I hate to say it, but I’m becoming a little fatigued by all of the 50th Anniversary stuff coming out. I don’t appreciate that this set comes with the same pin & keychain as the first 50th Anniversary set which was released earlier in the year…so I don’t need more of those…I want the coin, but I might just pass on this one.
  10. What…they couldn’t have gone that extra mile and thrown in a little “thoughts & prayers” too?!
  11. I have been waiting for a Viking Fury pin…very happy! (Not so thrilled that they put the 1982 date on the Winterfest pin…it kinda dated it.)
  12. These are cool…available in blue & green…but my wallet is at its breaking point…hopefully they will last awhile. https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/new-apparel/products/limited-edition-ki-mv-rr-blue-engine-cutout
  13. ^I ordered mine within’ hours of being listed and did get them at $8.99…someone must have messed up when they listed them because when they arrived they did have the $9.99 price stickers on them. (Underneath the stickers printed on the card is the old $8.99 price…as I mentioned earlier, I am guessing that some “bean counter” must have done the math and decided that $8.99 wasn’t enough for these pins so they raised the price.)
  14. In my opinion it can change day to day…and even hour to hour…it just depends on how much heart the scaractors feel like putting into their part at that point in time. I have gone through the same haunt on different days and it was a completely different experience both times…good and bad.
  15. Numbers 19 & 20 are now available!
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