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  1. Just found sitting on a random garbage can on International Street?
  2. And sometimes they throw in a red herring just to mess with the fanboys…Ride Sally Ride.
  3. I have never understood the mystic of riding it backwards...for me, after a couple of times it was "been there done that"...I preferred looking down the hills.
  4. I agree completely! (I wish they would add more lanes though…the lines can get pretty long.)
  5. Like you said, not everyone who has had COVID and then gets the vaccine will become sick. Two members of my family fall into that category, both had COVID, both later got vaccinated…neither had any real complications besides a sore arm. One day down the road I think scientists will have more knowledge of why the vaccine, and COVID affects some people more than others.
  6. I can not figure out how to order a specific size or color…how exactly does this work? How do you choose the size and color of shirt you would like? Do they hold them? Could you get to the park after purchasing one only to find that they don’t have any of the size/color that you needed?
  7. @FUN&ONLY! I wouldn’t necessarily say Fast Lane is a “really good value”. Do you realize that on a Saturday in October for a Fast Lane+ the cost has now skyrocketed to $125.00. That is more than a Gold Pass for a whole year of attendance! One of those two prices is wrong…you choose. I have never missed a year of Fearfest or Halloween Haunt…so I know from experience just how much it has changed. Since I live in Illinois I do not have the luxury of “popping over” to the park on a slow/rainy day….and I understand that you are wise enough to see this side…but that still puts me in a no win situation. When the weather is nice, there are usually shoulder-to-shoulder crowds on Saturday nights on the main drags. I can always judge just how crowded the park is by looking at the crowd on the pathway over by White Water Canyon that heads towards Mystic Timbers….if you stand on top of the hill by the bathrooms and look towards LaRosa’s it can be both amazing and depressing at the same time. I have seen photos of crowds at Walt Disney World on Christmas Day that look similar! Anyway, I digress, with the way the crowds are…of mostly season pass holders visiting multiple times….my family usually has three choices: 1. Just don’t go…which I haven’t been able to actually do, yet. 2. Get as much in during the daytime and endure the crowds as long as we can at night…then head back to the hotel to swim. 3. Fork over the money for Fast Lane passes…we don’t even usually consider buying the Fright Lane passes…7 Fast Lane+ Passes would cost me $850.00 plus processing fee this year! That is an expensive day…at least for me it is…and that’s not including food, souvenirs…etc.. (If nothing else, how about a family discount on Fast Lane passes?) I have said it over and over, why can’t the park just go back to making this an up charge event…nothing major…just enough to thin the herd. (If you made it all the way through my rant…thanks for caring about my opinion. )
  8. Thank goodness...that should help them be able to fill the park...even more...if that's possible. (I am happy that the event received recognition...just hate the insane Saturday crowds.)
  9. @ThrillKingsFitzy I admire your attempt to try and help people…but, speaking from personal experience it seems like a non-believer has to get Covid themselves (or a family member) before they take it seriously. At work I have told my fellow employees just how bad some of my family members are who have had it…they usually counter with they know someone who has had it and it was no big deal. It’s frustrating…but like I said, I admire your attempt and I am sorry you had it go through it.
  10. No offense, but I have no idea how what I posted has anything to do with your reply…what am I missing?
  11. I will not comment on any of your opinions…but as for this, it is up to both the employees & the park’s customers to decide whether they feel if it is a safe environment…no one is forcing either of them to be at the park. People need to take responsibility for their own choices.
  12. Finally! America is taking it’s rightful place as #1 again! U-S-A! U-S-A!
  13. Yes, congratulations ascVortex87…very nice photo.
  14. It would be like a “Karen magnet” in my neighborhood if I did that! (Not that I would blame them…that would be quite an eyesore.)
  15. I would love to own most of the items…but some are certainly going to end up well beyond my price range…and I wouldn’t have a clue where I would The Scrambler car. I will try for something because I think it’s a great cause.
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