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  1. Understand your question about fun perks and agree it likely isn't a big impact to corporate results, but it would be interesting to know how KI in park spending has been impacted by lower food prices/better quality and the fun perks testing. Answer may come if we see it rolled out like Fast Lane.
  2. I voted to increase the price. And not to deal with any kid age problem. I just think that KI has over discounted the Gold Pass to the point here it isn't the right business decision. Somewhere in the past I showed how I paid ~$95 each for my family of 4 for 2007 and it has steadily moved all the way down to ~$49 each for 2011 & 2012 (fall discount plus buyout day $20 off). I'd propose a fall price in the 85-90 range as fair.
  3. But the land isn't empty, it does make the park money when used, and there are not plans to utilize the space it consumes so why mess with it at this time. Is it possible that it will be removed at some point - I guess, but unless/until the land is needed, what's the rush?
  4. I do not believe there are many public transportation systems that reliably operate at a profit - and that doesn't even account in many cases for paying off the upfront infrastructure costs.
  5. I was surprised by both winners tonight. - While I enjoyed Apollos Chariot, I wouldn't have expected it to beat SheiKra and have heard great things about Afterburn. - Montu is one of my favorite inverts, Alpengeist is also amazing. I've heard nothing but great reviews of Manta. Yet they are all beaten by a Boomerang - hmmm Wondering where each appears in Mitch's poll. Edit to add 2010 poll data: - AC 22, SheiKra 23, Afterburn 31, Medusa 64 - Montu 20, Manta 30, Alpie 47, Aftershock (not rated but ~200 in '08 and '09)
  6. Is anyone willing/able to share what the CF/KI policy is for social media/things like KIC. While certain things like not disclosing confidential info is obvious, many companies also have rules that require disclosure of employment and disclaimers about personal opinion versus representing the company when discussing the company online. Im just wondering as I know many valuable contributors on these forums over the years have worked at the park so it doesn't seem like being on KIC/internet forums is frowned upon, but I also have to believe there is some strong advice provided somewhere on how to act.
  7. If you are going to post a poll, please try to include all the options. Why is suspended the only specialty shown?
  8. Yeah, in California (that continues to be in a financial hole year after year), the State has agreed to sell $4.5 Billion of bonds (new debt) to fund part of the estimated $68 Billion cost of the project in order to secure $3.2 Billion of Federal Government support. I wouldn't plan on riding high speed rail from LA to SF very soon.
  9. What was it I said in another thread about losing contributing members. Sad that it is coming to this for so many.
  10. Is Gordon an official KIC forum moderator now? Would be nice to have them more moderated since Robbie, Jesse, and Ryan are not as involved recently. Not saying that those guys don't have a right to their other distractions in life, but mods help maintain the forums (don't let the crackpots run off the contributors - which seems to have happened a little)
  11. I've never ignored a user on this forum (although I'm close currently to wanting to use this feature). Do you see anything when they post or does it not even register as a post? And don't worry Terpy, even though your constant "diversion" references have me baffled beyond belief, I'm not ignoring you
  12. What qualifications does your uncle have to inspect a roller coaster for repair and/or demolition? When did this inspection occur? And what world records that are beneficial to Cedar Fair/Kings Island does it hold? There are just some inexperienced posters that could cause confusion. Seriously, slow down and think before you post.
  13. A sad reminder that safety must always come first as no family/employee/guest involved should have to deal with something like this because of a ride at an amusement park.
  14. To note KIPR on twitter indicated that Chick-Fil-A would be available in Soak City on Fridays and Saturdays. I knew Sundays would be out, but this seems to indicate not on Mon-Thur either.
  15. I'm baffled how poorly this was managed, but is one of the risk areas when we privatize some services - if this was a city guard v county guard border would it even have been an issue? As forr the company, Imagine the positive reaction the following press release could have garnered - Lifeguard Saves Drowning Man, despite being outside the on duty area, a Jeff Ellis guard reacted quickly and saved a man at the xyz beach yesterday. While responding, he also ensured his area of the beach was covered by other guards on his team keeping everyone safe.
  16. FAMILY RIDES (15 rides & attractions) Backlot Stunt Coaster Zephyr Monster Adventure Express Scrambler Shake, Rattle, & Roll Congo Falls Viking Fury Eiffel Tower Dodgem Boo Blasters on Boo Hill White Water Canyon K.I. & MV Railroad Grand Carousel Thunder Alley ($) - no My Score: 14/15 THRILL RIDES (15 rides & attractions) Diamondback The Beast Delirium Drop Tower Firehawk Flight of Fear Invertigo The Racer: Red The Racer: Blue Vortex WindSeeker Flight Deck Sling Shot ($) - no Xtreme Skyflyer ($) Son of Beast (SBNO) My Score: 14/15 Planet Snoopy (18 rides & attractions) Surf Dog Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown Flying Ace Aerial Chase Peanuts 500 - ? (need data on history of this ride from HB and Nick days) Kite Eating Tree Joe Cool's Dodgem School The Great Pumpkin Coaster Peanuts Off-Road Rally - ? (need data on history of this ride from HB and Nick days) Snoopy's Splash Dance Charlie Brown's Wind Up - no Woodstock Express Woodstock Whirlybirds Sally's Sea Plane Linus' Beetle Bugs - no Snoopy's Junction Linus' Launcher Snoopy vs. Red Baron Character Carousel My Score: 14/18 Soak City WATERPARK (16 slides & attractions) Aruba Tuba Breakers Bay Tidal Wave Bay Castaway Cove Splash Landing Coconut Cove Lookout Lagoon Pipeline Paradise - no Mondo Monsoon - no Zoom Flume Paradise Plunge Thunder Falls Rendezvous Run Tropical Twister Pineapple Pipeline Splash River My Score: 14/16 Dinosaurs Alive! (2 attractions) Dinosaurs Alive! ($) - no Dinosaurs Alive! 3D - no My Score: 0/2 Total Score: 56/66 rides, slides, & attractions BONUS!!!: DEFUNCT RIDES (To help others, I've tried to create a full list - with thanks to the history sections here and at KIE) COASTERS (out of 5) Bavarian Beetle - no The Bat King Cobra Screamin Demon Ghosted Coaster - no +3 FAMILY RIDES (out of 23) SDaTHC Phantom Theater - no Monorail Sky Ride - no Flying Dutchman Rotor Der Spinning Keggers Bayern Kurve Ferris Wheel Tumble Bug Cuddle Up Haley's Comet - no Wheel of Fortune Zodiac Skylab Flight Commander Antiques (Les Taxi's and/or Ohio Overland Auto Livery?) Flying Eagles Kenton Cove Canoes - no Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal Enchanted Voyage Crypt/Tomb Raider Action Theater +19 KIDDIE RIDES (out of 8 although I may be missing some here) Sunshine Turnpike Witches Cauldrens Gullivers Rub a Dub Flying Carpet/Scrappys Slide Boo Boo's Buggies Boo Boo's Baggage Claim Flintstone Flyboys/Jetsons Jet Orbiter Baba Louie's Buggies +8 TOTAL DEFUNCT +30 My Score: 56 Total Score with Bonus: 86
  17. Glad to see you back on KIC and thanks for sharing! Awaiting part 2 patiently.
  18. No, it is just him counting, but the park does have data to "confirm" that he is being truthful - pass scans at entry, ride ops seeing him at DB constantly, etc.... He also made a big deal about marathoning it and counting from the beginning so it's been a continual journey with the park. What is always sad to me is the rude (get a job, get a life for example) comments that accompany this story on Facebook and other places. Gary is a nice friendly guy, who enjoys riding DB - I say congrats, enjoy, and ride on!
  19. According to the park itself, you are correct in this statement. That rider was the GM who was not happy with the ride experience Yes, I know what you meant, but it's time to get real - while Inenjoyed the ride (with loop more than without), it has, through it's life, become a liability for the park that is not worth further effort to try and salvage.
  20. Italian Job is a perfect example to me of where Paramount (while adding a themed ride) destroyed the theme and ambiance of that area of the park as a whole.
  21. Lots of driving and riding in that Trip Report - thanks for sharing. I also agree that Zippin Pippin is a bice ride - it packs quite the punch for a small coaster.
  22. You'll only need reservations at places you want to eat - take the time and do some planning! Reco's: - I'll second the Reco for Ohana's - Jiko at AK lodge - Flame Tree BBQ in AK - Tony's Town Square in MK - Coral Reef in Epcot
  23. A few things that are worth complimenting about the park in 2012: - park seems to be kept very clean - ride ops have been enthusiastic and fast - higher ups have been friendly - food improvement and lower prices - new path to zoom flume - less crowded wave pool - new perks for pass holders - more rides/areas open longer for ERT As I think about it, several of these have been requests and wants of the KIC community for a few years
  24. Even as a multi time visitor to WDW, I have purchased the tourguidemike.com service for ~$20. While it is sometimes a little outdated, there are enough tips and information there to make it money well spent. for example: best days to visit which parks, recommendations on rides, and trip planners. Sharing a couple of personal thoughts: - with young kids, take a midday break from the parks. A short rest from the heat can make the late night events much more enjoyable - consider a day off from the park to visit, wander, and enjoy the area (including Downtown Disney). I spent 1 day with my 3 year old just riding the transportation system around (he loved the buses, boats, monorails, and resorts we visited and it made for a good character brunch day) - Visit a character meal. My boys enjoyed Cape May and Chef Mickey. Try the food - explore something new on the dining plan. Choose your dining plan carefully - it can be a lot of food. Hope this helps, enjoy!
  25. He is new here, so let him make new threads. If you dont like a thread, dont comment in it. Be nice to everyone and everyone will be nice to you. The guy had a question about a coaster... where would he have put it? While I agree about being nice, it is also helpful to provide constructive feedback to new posters sometimes. Helping them realize that joining the community doesn't require creating new threads constantly, and following the Terms of Service and taking the time to correctly spell and punctuate is important. Also, it helps build repect if you don't disagree and ignore reality when provided with facts by long time/respected members. So yeah, be nice and welcoming, but also help the new members become productive members is my theory.
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