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  1. Tr0y

    Things that KI can improve on

    I think there has just been a lot more noise pollution drowning out the whistle, with the addition of Diamondback and especially the addition of Mystic Timbers. Now all I typically hear from the parking lot on that side is that noise Mystic Timbers blast at the top of the hill before the drop.
  2. I would love to get a chance to be able to tour the round house, and see the morning routine of firing up the steam engine.
  3. Tr0y

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    A test indeed of wether or not I want to gain 20lbs during my visit at KI.
  4. Tr0y

    Big Coasters In Future?

    Dive coasters are overrated. I’d like to see a B&M floorless or Wing coaster ( Wing coaster for X-Base! ). For a giga I’d have to go with Intamin or wishing very very much a Mack. This is off the “big coaster” category but a ProSlide Water coaster would be a very welcomed addition. Beyond those anything other than B&M I’m ok with. ( or I-boxing The Racer definitely not ok with that! ).
  5. Tr0y

    Expand X-Base?

    You wouldn’t need to tear up maintenance buildings, military bases have them too. They would just need a face lift to match the X-Base themeing. Therefor integrating them with the theme as if it apart of the x base theme but in actuality hiding ride maintence in plain site. Just a thought.
  6. Tr0y

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    One can wish that attitudes was removed to provide more space for antique cars, using that space and tower gardens.
  7. Maybe that is why they choose not to use Crown Metal Products to build their engines. According to Crown Metal’s catalog the 36 inch gauge engine could only conquer a 2 percent grade with 4 cars being pulled behind it. If I’m not mistaken WDW trains pull 5 passenger cars behind it.
  8. Tr0y

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I personally would like to see an X Base expansion. With a couple flat rides added such as a gerstlauer sky roller or S&S Space Shot Tower. And a path with some hangar themed buildings that will encase restrauraunts, restrooms, and to top off a B&M winged Coaster were Dinosaurs Alive is currently at.
  9. What surprises me about all of these additions is that there is not a single B&M addition being announced. Don’t quote me on it but if I’m not mistaken there has been a B&M addition or conversion to the chain every year since the acquisition of the Paramount Parks. It’s so refreshing that we are finally seeing other manufactures make their mark within the chain. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Tr0y

    Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    I was hopping Flight of Fear would be open being an indoor coaster, granted it’s way out of the way of the main winterfest area. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Tr0y

    Expand X-Base?

    I think a B&M winged Coaster would make a great addition to X-base. As well as restrooms and a gerstlauer sky roller.
  12. I think Action Zone behind Banshee would be the ideal fit for a Giga. The area for the most part is already cleared and they could reuse the old SOB location / station. I really like the idea of using forced perspective with the Eiffel Tower by making the Eiffel Tower seem as if it is the tallest structure in the park, considering its the centerpiece of the park.
  13. As far as maintence, it definitely needs paint, and I hate to think that maybe The Racer should receive toppled track just to save money and preserve the coaster in the long term.
  14. Tr0y

    Rumors 2017 onward

    Anything but a Dive Coaster, I'd love to see Kings Island get a B&M Winged Coaster in a X-Base expansion.