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  1. Tr0y

    Decoding 2020

    Check out the size of that brake run! We might have a record breaker on our hands folks! I’m absolutely ecstatic about B&M bringing their truly one of a kind coaster element to Kings Island!
  2. Tr0y

    Decoding 2020

    I hope our giga claims the longest brake run in the world from Leviathan! I figure the announcement video will somewhat go like this: Kings Island dares you to come face to face with The Beamer! The Beamer! 250ft of forever stopping brake power. At a 250ft deceleration attack on your senses. The Beamer leaves you yawning into your restraint system. Brakes you longer than any other coaster. Come face to face with The Beamer! The Beamer! the biggest, baddest, longest brake run in the world!
  3. Tr0y

    Decoding 2020

    I’m team X-base expansion w/ winged coaster. The argument that GateKeeper is overtly expensive is true, but most forget that GateKeeper’s price tag also included an entirely brand new main entrance into CP. KI could get a winged coaster roughly 15mil as an anchor for the new expansion. X-Flight was roughly 12-15mil when it was built in Six Flags Great America. A similar coaster would be fitting for an x-base expansion. Add restrooms, a flat ride like a gerstlauer sky roller. A lot of those buildings could be hidden in plain sight if the exteriors are re-themed. Military bases have warehouses. Slap an Area 18 logo on that water storage tank (Plays off the hanger 18 from FoF) as a centerpiece to the area. That way we can party likes it 1999 because this expansion would be much like how Action Zone came about. 1 coaster, 1 flat, and a water tower for a centerpiece.
  4. Somewhat off topic, but I think it would be cool if Kings Island could replace the Invertigo name, with Stinger.
  5. Tr0y

    Decoding 2020

    I would love to see an X-Base expansion now with Dinosaurs Alive gone. With the length of the clearing being the same as The Racers this could be a possibility considering The Racers somewhat conceal X-Bass behind it. A B&M winged coaster and / or gerstlauer Sky Roller would be fitting. Also some military style buildings would be cool, in addition to Bathrooms!
  6. Here is a video of King’s Island’s #19 Lew Brown being featured in a 1978 commercial for King’s Dominion. The conductor is famous actor Dick Van Dyke.
  7. Yay! Another B&M! (Sarcasm).. In all honesty tho I would love to see a floorless and winged coaster from the B&M lineup at KI. Hopefully we don’t get a 300ft Diamondback.
  8. I flipped quite a few rocks on google and found that the #3 train prior to being rebuilt by Crown was originally a 0-6-2T H.K. Porter named Melodia B., Interesting enough there was another steam locomotive that operated at the same plantation at the time which was a Baldwin 0-4-4RT named Maud L. After both being taken out of service. Maud L. was sold to Cedar Point as one of the first locomotives to operate at Cedar Point. While Melodia B. ended up going through a couple owners prior to being rebuilt as a 2-6-2 Crown, then later to be acquired by Pat Hall, a developer of Carowinds. It’s stable mate Maud L. was rebuilt from a 0-4-4RT to a 2-4-4T while at Cedar Point and after 30 years was traded for Disney’s 2-4-4 Davenport (rebuilt as a 2-4-0, now known as the G.A. Boeckling.) Maud L. was given a Disney rebuild and is know known as the Ward Kimball operating out of Disneyland. Coincidentally both Ward Kimball (Maud L.) and #3 (Melodia B.) are operating in California and are pulling Disney passenger cars. https://pcrailroad.wordpress.com/2007/01/20/history-of-no-3/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cedar_Point_%26_Lake_Erie_Railroad
  9. A little over a month ago a train at Busch Gardens Williamsburg caught fire, one park employee sustained minor injuries and according to the park the train was not in service when the fire started. The train being #661 Balmoral Castle, is a 3ft narow-gauge Crown with the same, if not similar specifications as Kings Island’s Crowns. The Balmoral Castle is 1 of only 3 trains that Crown customized to look like a European locomotive, 2 of which operate in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. More info of the accident in the link below, the pic attached is the Balmoral Castle prior to the accident. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/williamsburg/busch-gardens-train-escape-from-pompeii-fires-ruled-accidental-officials-say/1376333600
  10. Given the location of the gravesite. I could see backlot being removed, being such an eyesore and majority of the themeing has been neglected. On the other hand, Vortex is old, and depending on height of the rider can cause headaches. Headaches can ruin the whole trip. I nessesarly wouldn’t want Vortex removed but not opposed to it. I could picture a B&M floorless in its location.
  11. I think there has just been a lot more noise pollution drowning out the whistle, with the addition of Diamondback and especially the addition of Mystic Timbers. Now all I typically hear from the parking lot on that side is that noise Mystic Timbers blast at the top of the hill before the drop.
  12. I would love to get a chance to be able to tour the round house, and see the morning routine of firing up the steam engine.
  13. A test indeed of wether or not I want to gain 20lbs during my visit at KI.
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