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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I was disappointed when our Giga was going to be a B&M, I was hoping for a Intamin Giga or the worlds first Mack Giga. Mainly because I believe their are better manufactures out there to produce such ride. Not that I wouldn’t want a B&M coaster, I really do like the idea of a Wing Coaster in a future Area-72 expansion. I also would love to see a B&M floorless similar to Dominator taking up Vortex’s plot, seems only fitting. IMO.
  2. I choose The Bat. Vekoma designed floorless swinging suspended trains to replace old Arrow swinging suspended trains. There are currently 2 being used on Vampire at Chessington Worlds of Adventure.
  3. I hope not. I’d rather see another multi looping coaster take The Vortex’s old spot. A B&M floorless coaster like Dominator would fit that bill:
  4. RMC’s are about as reliable as they are made out of wood... They’re not.
  5. A good looking engine indeed. I wonder if Levi will keep that look after its refurbishment. I’m hoping they are going to swap those horrendous tanks out with tanks that are more original to Crown, assuming they want both engines to be able to share parts.
  6. Speaking of an additional train there are other Crowns out their that are waiting to once breath life again. Here is one with a rare Caboose built by crown for wheelchairs. They would need to take a coach from Lew Brown and Kenny Van Meter to make them all 5 car trains. Photo credit: https://klaq.com/where-the-train-from-magic-landing-is-permanently-parked-at/
  7. We’re gonna need another Train...
  8. A small but up and coming park that would be interesting for Cedar Fair to purchase would be Holiday World. Best water park by far in the Tri state area, but very much lacking in the coaster department, particularly steel roller coasters. Holiday World is consistently packed. A Carowinds like investment of 50-60 million dollars could take the park to the next level.
  9. Orion is a hyper coaster per its manufacturer B&M. That is it’s model, you can find this on B&M’s website: https://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/product/hyper-coaster. Which is what Diamondback is. If you compare Orion to the other Giga coasters in the world. Every other Giga coaster reaches a height of 300ft or more and drop of 300ft or more. Orion does not, being only 287ft tall. So personally I don’t consider Orion a Giga, but it’s 2020 and even steel coasters can now be considered wood. *cough* RMC *cough*
  10. Maybe not first thing in the morning, but on a busy day with a ridership capacity of 1,620 people an hour, it’s a cesspool. Viruses and bacteria can survive hours to days on surfaces:
  11. Makes me wonder why the park doesn’t just clean the seats and trains like they should, and even more so with COVID. When things get back to normal it should be done at the end of the day. And no rain is not going to clean it, they need to buy a couple truck brushes with the long handle and scrub them down with some Dawn soap to get all the grit, oil and hair products out. The seats became stained because of years of neglect. Dirt, sweat, Hair products being left on, drying, or being baked on by the sun. I know some parks B&M seats start fouling and they cut that part of the seat out and ad
  12. Your right, also not washing my hands would be pretty much like not wearing a mask and would increases my chance of spreading COVID. If it’s not the park’s responsibility for me giving myself COVID, then they shouldn’t require me to wear a mask, and only the people concerned with getting COVID should be wearing mask and socially distancing to protect themselves. I’m not trying to argue about closing the park, that’s the last thing I want to see is the park closed. I just want the park to do the right thing, protect people in order to keep itself open. If you look at all the B&Ms Kings Isla
  13. Yes, yes, as I suspected. The K.I. and Miami Valley Railroad will need a way to supply the locomotives with water. From that location they’ll be too far from the fill station at rivertown.
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