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  1. Not all theming has to be seen by everyone. The plumbing and electrical components are already in place, but to mitigate trash and mosquito control they can just make it a gravel fountain, with appropriate foliage around it, it would be nice. Example:
  2. Just to piggyback off my post with the enhanced theming they could add claw marks inside the station on the walls, floor and ceiling. They can add broken chains to each side of the track at the front of the station. They can add red or orange led lighting that lights up the ceiling like in the Banshee station. They can re route the exit and fast pass to the front entrance area, and bring use to The Beast Canyon Drinks building by turning it into a Photo Booth / gift shop much like Diamondback. Also re routing would clear up a good amount of space for any potential expansion in The Vortex plot.
  3. If I’m not mistaken nothing has taken the place of the Subway restaurant in Soak City. They could gut it and theme it into a train station. My take on redoing the path would keeping Pineapple Pipeline and removing Tropical Twister. As well as re doing the straw centerpiece.
  4. Yeah that’s another thing that leads me to believe that things were rushed to get it opened . Adjustments won’t be made till the park gets some downtime when the regular season ends. I’m a little less critical now that this is an industry problem and not specifically KI related. I’m sure going forward in the seasons to come Cedar Fair will adjust its strategy to mitigate these delays.
  5. That ship sailed a couple weeks ago. They desperately wanted it all open for Memorial Day weekend and they weren’t able to have it all ready. They were fortunate enough to manage to get Cargo Loco and AE opened tho. Even tho I don’t think they spent anytime to adjust Cargo Loco so that it would provide the desired ride experience.
  6. That’s a good idea. They could probably just remove Tropical Twister and that would create enough space to re route the walkway to and from the water park as well as at the same time have enough space to add a station building with more shade and places to sit and wait for the train. …and finally hope this station isn’t built as a Coca-cola freestyle stand. Jeez that was such a boneheaded move by the park.
  7. Not sure why specifically this part was not painted as everything else around was on Diamondback, but I’m willing to take bets it was missed and it never gets done. Any takers?
  8. If you want faster lines at any restaurant at the park be sure to be wear a polo shirt and hat while wielding a clipboard, clicker counter, and stop watch. I’m not joking the line moved quick.
  9. Another change I would like to see the park do is remove the water mist from the queue line fans. There is nothing worse than waiting in a long line and being stuck in front of one of those things. I didn’t plan on getting wet when I ride Mystic Timbers, but I have no choice waiting in line being in-front of one of those. It’s even worse later in the day, say 9pm when the temps drop from the high 80’s to the low 70’s because Ohio. Then the mist becomes unpleasantly chilly. Also from an OCD perspective after a while the fans start to look like crap from the hard water stains. The water also puddles in the queue, attracts a-lot of dirt and I noticed on Mystic Timbers one of the fans killed part of a tree from all the water. The park should opt for drinking fountains in the queue line instead. Water is better for us in our body on a hot day than it is outside of it. I think the park should opt for cool down zones next to the main paths for people who want to get a quick mist. They’re are plenty of blank concrete spots they could add these. Doesn’t have to be here exactly, but just an example of a waste of space:
  10. That’s fine The Beast hibernates at the end of haunt. The water feature would only be running when The Beast is active.
  11. I mean they keep the royal fountains running year long, surely they can manage a water pump. We’re not asking for a water show, just simply water running through the water chutes again.
  12. I kinda wish The Beast got a theming enhancement much like The Adventure Express. Maybe add The Beast eyes in the tunnels. Add some sound effects such as adding a chain breaking noise when the train departs the station. Roaring and grunting noises throughout the ride and such, while also keeping the classic music that we have become accustomed to on the lift hills. Also if this horse hasn’t been beaten enough, BRING BACK THE WATER FEATURE! Reference noises:
  13. Got to try the prestige infused cooler water. It’s sample size but it is free with any meal at Enrique’s.
  14. Well unfortunately for the trees: In all seriousness tho they don’t have to cut down every tree. A water coaster flying through the woods would be awesome. Call it The Water Beast.
  15. I would love if the park upgraded or changed the location of the Soak City train station. It is currently an abysmal concrete pad with fencing. Same goes with the path that leads to Soak City, it’s not even a direct path to the water park. Honestly Soak City and the Train aren’t going anywhere so they might as well invest in having the path either go underneath or goes over the tracks and get rid of that hideous looking pedestrian bridge.
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