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  1. Since the park’s acquisition by Cedar Fair, and it’s current track record of additions at the park. You wont be seeing a game changer at Kings Island any time soon.
  2. If the term giga coaster is just a marketing term from Cedar Fair, then I guess we should start calling them what they are per manufacturer. Which if I’m not mistaken per B&M’s website that would make Orion a hyper coaster. -Troy running for the exit.
  3. I went to winter fest a couple seasons ago, and my biggest disappointment was the train ride, and the lack of Christmas lights during the ride.
  4. Here is some videos on the history of a Kings Island’s Railroad, enjoy:
  5. I wonder if they’ll bring back the water scenery now with Vortex leaving. picture credit: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/the-beast-40-years-of-terror
  6. The bad things going for The Bat is mainly it’s location and being a short ride (The walk to the station is longer than the ride itself.) Otherwise, The Bat is a very underrated coaster.
  7. With a little marketing magic, make it what ever you want. RMC toppler track is marketed as a woodie. which it isn’t. Or Fury325 is marketed as a multi world record “fastest and tallest giga coaster” which it’s not. I’m just a purist and these things bother me.
  8. I too don’t consider Orion a giga. Orion is a multi world record hyper coaster. Longest drop, fastest, and longest brake run for a hyper coaster the world.
  9. I would love a floor less coaster addition especially a record holder. So far the recent B&M additions have been record breakers. Banshee being the longest invert, and Orionback having the longest brake run and longest drop for a hypercoaster.
  10. You are still sitting on a B&M floor less but there is no floor so your feet dangle over track. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floorless_Coaster
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