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  1. What surprises me about all of these additions is that there is not a single B&M addition being announced. Don’t quote me on it but if I’m not mistaken there has been a B&M addition or conversion to the chain every year since the acquisition of the Paramount Parks. It’s so refreshing that we are finally seeing other manufactures make their mark within the chain. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    I was hopping Flight of Fear would be open being an indoor coaster, granted it’s way out of the way of the main winterfest area. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Expand X-Base?

    I think a B&M winged Coaster would make a great addition to X-base. As well as restrooms and a gerstlauer sky roller.
  4. I think Action Zone behind Banshee would be the ideal fit for a Giga. The area for the most part is already cleared and they could reuse the old SOB location / station. I really like the idea of using forced perspective with the Eiffel Tower by making the Eiffel Tower seem as if it is the tallest structure in the park, considering its the centerpiece of the park.
  5. As far as maintence, it definitely needs paint, and I hate to think that maybe The Racer should receive toppled track just to save money and preserve the coaster in the long term.
  6. Rumors 2017 onward

    Anything but a Dive Coaster, I'd love to see Kings Island get a B&M Winged Coaster in a X-Base expansion.
  7. I could see Cedar Fair going to a smaller paper cup dedicated to drink plan holders.
  8. but think of all those savings from locker rental fees!
  9. I got an email today from Kings Island asking about the souvenir cup and season long dining plan. Basically asking if I purchased one if I'm aware of it and if I would support a change in the current system. The new system they proposed in the Survey would affectivily remove the souvenir cup in favor of the plan being added to your park pass which you redeemed you would receive your drink but also a disposable cup. Anyone else support this change?
  10. For this who don't want to be scared...

    mike nugent could probably use one of these after that sorry of a kick... This is a joke if you don't want to be scared go attend snoopy's halloween party. Nugent could definitely use one this year.
  11. Rumors 2017 onward

    Rename Invertigo and call it Stinger?
  12. Things Paramount got right/wrong

    It is because they are not cleaned after use. It's a simple fix in my opinion. All they need is a bucket with wheels, soap and water with a couple long handled scrub brushes. At the end of each day once the last train with riders is dispatched. The next train ( once people disembark) gets sprayed and scrubbed down by two ride operators while being followed by the other 2 ride operators to Push the lapbars close so the train can depart, doing so that the train with riders can make it back to the station and the train that is now wet but cleaned can air dry. Every train will get its chance to be cleaned and dried because in order for the train to be put into storage for the night it must run the course to reach the transfer track. For a park that has difficulty fixing light bulbs, cleaning coaster trains after use probably won't happen. Unless there is a protein spill of course.
  13. Son of Beast

    Regardless of Collossos being a Intamin pre fab, it is in fact a wooden coaster. Which overtime will need replaced much more readily than the steel counterpart such as a RMC topper track.
  14. Here is a live cam feed of the Preserve Resort near Gatlinburg, you can see the orange glow in the distance. http://www.preservecabins.com/smoky-mountain-webcam-of-the-preserve-resort-in-the-great-smoky-mountains/ I tried to view the webcam on Space Needle in downtown Gatlingburg, but was it was down. Prayers to everyone involved.
  15. Improving Que Lines

    The best way to improve queue lines is to not go to the park on days the queue lines are going to be long. So far avoiding the weekends, and holidays have been sure fire ways to decrease your time spent in line.. Also picking to ride FoF Firehawk, or visit Soak City first thing in the morning helps immensely as well. The only time of the year I actually wait in long queue lines at Kings Island is during Halloween Haunt.