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  1. I’m going to the park today, any recommendations on which barrel to ride that gives the best spin?
  2. I’m guessing that because of how far behind schedule they were that it was a mad dash to just get it running for Memorial Day Weekend, and not much time was spent tweaking the ride to give an ideal experience.
  3. Jeez…What is going on with Cedar Fair and the delayed openings? It’s not like the supply chain, and labor shortage issues just showed up being that this is year 3 since the Covid Lockdowns. From what I’ve read beyond the Zambezi Zinger, Worlds Of Fun like Kings Island, too was off to a rough start with a lot of rides not being opened and the park in general not appearing to be ready for opening day. Canada’s Wonderland new rides were not ready for opening day as well. Maybe CF should increase the lead times on new additions by starting these projects sooner the season prior.
  4. With Cargo Loco opening tomorrow. I’m assuming now that the Adventure Express will be opened Sunday, and Sol Spin possibly opening Monday?
  5. The way some of the RMC’s are designed, the lift hill could easily clear Banshee underneath it. Technically Son of Beast is still standing but not operating, the park never did remove the track within the station. Photo Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasters/comments/ht5i7k/iron_gwazi_bgt_unpopular_angle_of_iron_gwazi_pray/
  6. It’s Romesco sauce, last time I ate at the Grain and Grill it was already on the meat. If you want extra sauce you have to request it which is also an additional charge.
  7. Not a review but has the crinkle cut fries returned to Skyline in the park?
  8. I was not aware of that feature, my bad everyone.
  9. Spoiler info about the possible #KiRightTrack below if interested.
  10. I’m not even angry at the size of Sol Spin, I’m angry at the fact it’s almost June and it’s still under construction. Maybe @super7is onto something saying they’re junky “cheap” rides, maybe not so much the “rides” itself, but the manufacturer Zamperla. When I was at CP yesterday Wild Mouse was down for the entire day, and from reports I’m seeing, it is closed today too. Also I read in an Article about how Wild Mouse broke down and people had to be evacuated off the ride during its preview day, in-front of the media for all to see. How embarrassing. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/theme-parks/2023/05/05/cedar-point-wild-mouse-boardwalk/70186969007/
  11. Sorry double post I guess, but I just seen this in my feed on FB and it has me wondering if this is already in the pipeline at KI considering it’s being rolled out to multiple locations: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/skyline-fans-no-longer-have-to-go-to-a-reds-game-to-enjoy-chili-nachos
  12. I got to try CP’s Grand Pavilion yesterday. I ended up getting the turkey breast, potatoes, and bread. Food wise it was good, the food could have been a tad bit warmer. The building itself and the views were great! The bugs were really bad but it’s that time of the year tho for CP. All in all I would say KI’s G&G has a much better selection of food, in my opinion.
  13. Thankfully KI chose the 24 Endeavor model. Being that they’re 2 months behind on this currently could you imagine them attempting to open a 48 Endeavor model??? It would probably take them twice as long, being that it’s double the ride essentially. They would have to change the banner on the wall from saying “Coming this Summer!” to “New Haunt attraction!”.
  14. Got to try Skyline Nachos at GABP tonight, they were awesome and reasonably priced being around $10. Doesn’t hurt the fact that the game brought us in attendance free pizza, and more important a win! I’m sure King’s Island has a spare nacho cheese dispenser that currently isn’t being used that can find its way to a Skyline in the park.
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