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  1. Not only did they forget to put Crema on @Benjamin22 La Larona fries. To add insult to injury they’re playing patriotic music during a Halloween event. Wow, good going KI Comms!
  2. They’re trying to figure out which white shoe matches the one in the leaked KD coaster photo.
  3. I’m still holding out on green Intamin track.
  4. Last night was an improvement from the week before. The delivery of fog juice must have just came in this week. The park had nice blanket of it for most of the night, including some coasters. Due to peer pressure, I finished the night watching the laser show on international street at midnight. It was a great show for the most part, I didn’t get to watch it all because of the roomers that interrupted me a few times.
  5. Considering a gold pass is roughly $120 a year. You’re already getting a lot of value for what you are paying for. If anything they should increase the price of passes.
  6. Not KI related but it’s midnight and I’m perplexed with the idea of: Are the oceans surrounded by land or is the land surrounded by the oceans?
  7. Due to budget cuts, the park has announced that Snoopy’s Soapbox Racers will only operate with one train for the 2024 season.
  8. Just know other former employee tombstones had their names “removed” as well. This wasn’t an attack on any individual. For example here is former GM, Greg Scheid’s tombstone with the lettering removed:
  9. Nightmare fuel. My biggest fear at Kings Island has always been getting stuck at the top of Wind-seeker or Drop Tower.
  10. I know the truth in my last post makes you uncomfortable. But let’s stay on topic. Being angry for your friend is okay. It’s apart of the 5 stages of grief. However it isn’t doing anyone any good here. Now is the time to build bridges, not burn what is left down.
  11. Yeah, except that wasn’t the rhetoric you were trying to convey. Let’s not backpedal now. Don will be missed but this is a golden opportunity for the forum to hit the reset button and rekindle a relationship with the park. Unfortunately there are people like you who are holding onto the past and getting in the way of any future progress. The members of this forum deserve better.
  12. I noticed yesterday at Haunt that a lot of vinyl is missing or in disarray. They hate them because they hate you. Remember this when they are begging for your votes.
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