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  1. Finally!!!!!! Can’t wait! I assume that means pov video will be this week also. This is way earlier than I thought it would open!!!
  2. Hopefully the trim doesn’t hit super Hard. It looks to be a lot more smooth! Like the helix looks a lot more stable and not jerky. The pov video I assume will be out soon so when it comes out we can see how hard the trim hits.
  3. AMAZING NEWS, Maybe they can get it up by next weekend! I hope they get the pov video out soon! I can’t wait!
  4. Does anyone know what is going on with the WindSeekers right now? Kings Island’s is closed, Carowinds one is closed, and Kings Dominion has closed theirs as well. Are they adding something new to all of the WindSeekers?
  5. Interesting, So when you looked over there wasn’t a train stuck on the lift hill? I assume it was open on Saturday even though I was not there but when the trains ALMOST but didn’t collide, they were still able to run 1 train on it the day after. Orion usually goes down for small things like for instance, One of the gates won’t close or a lap bar won’t go down and lock. It goes down a lot for small things. I don’t know what happened but I hope they fix it before Coaster Stock.
  6. I doubt it valleyed, The testing video shows it completed the test run, and it looked like it was running fine, Plus I noticed or it could just be me but in that video there is not even assistance workers on the lift. So it sounds like it can make it up fine. I assume they will have it running around 3 weeks from when testing started, 3 weeks is standard for testing, It hopefully will be up and running for Coaster Stock.
  7. Do you have a idea when you think The Beast started testing?
  8. I don’t think BLSC will close for a very long time, it is a good ride, and it draws lots of crowds. Especially since it only opened 17 years ago. So maybe in like 10 years I could see them talking about removing it.
  9. Yes lots of Tall rides go down when there is high wind. Like Fury 325 is closed at lot because of high wind down in the Carolinas.
  10. I would love to see a Mack multi-launch coaster in The Vortex plot of land in the years to come. Or a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster In that plot of land like Hangtime at Knotts Berry Farm. The lighting package would look amazing with All the other great night rides at Kings Island!
  11. Orion seems to be soaring back to normal now!!! Everything seems fine.
  12. I agree, I was about to say something about that. I think the supplies for whatever they needed for WindSeeker arrived.
  13. That is amazing!! Kings Island said that when the testing was completed they would post a POV video of it. So it probably will open shortly after the testing is done!
  14. Happy 50th to Kings Island!!! Can’t wait for many many more fun years to come!
  15. That is interesting, I will have to check that out. At least it shows that Cedar Fair are still paying attention to theming on that ride.
  16. Does anyone know if Backlot Stunt Coaster actually got new paint on it? It was On the list of Rides being re painted before the 2022 season started. I haven’t seen any changes on it.
  17. I agree, I was saying IF something happened to Orion which it sounds like the Ride operator saw what was coming and nothing happened. Which is great news! Can’t wait to go and ride it soon.
  18. Or say something on their Website if the ride is closing for a long time.
  19. I agree, I think Kings Island just needs more time to get back to normal, they haven’t been open in a while, and lots of new workers probably just joined so they are getting adjusted to working there, I assume Orion is probably fine, it doesn’t sound like a ton of damage because of what I have heard lately, it will probably be running normally by when daily operations start, I assume
  20. So Is Orion the only B&M coaster that the trains are run by Altec? I know Candymonuim at Hersheypark opened the same year, are they both Altec?
  21. Let us know this weekend if they are successfully able to run 2-3 trains at the 50th celebration.
  22. Interesting, no I have not, I will have to check that out, I wonder why they took them off.
  23. Sounds like they are taking care of The Bat, which gives me the feeling a few years before they take it down, the lift hill going up used to be super loud, glad they fixed that, although it kind of gave it a little charm for being a old classic ride with the loud chain lift.
  24. Is it possible that Cedar Fair could switch to Consign on Orion? It would probably take away some trust from the GP.
  25. That is Great news!!! Hopefully they can keep them running without issues!
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