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  1. I agree, I was saying IF something happened to Orion which it sounds like the Ride operator saw what was coming and nothing happened. Which is great news! Can’t wait to go and ride it soon.
  2. Or say something on their Website if the ride is closing for a long time.
  3. I agree, I think Kings Island just needs more time to get back to normal, they haven’t been open in a while, and lots of new workers probably just joined so they are getting adjusted to working there, I assume Orion is probably fine, it doesn’t sound like a ton of damage because of what I have heard lately, it will probably be running normally by when daily operations start, I assume
  4. So Is Orion the only B&M coaster that the trains are run by Altec? I know Candymonuim at Hersheypark opened the same year, are they both Altec?
  5. Let us know this weekend if they are successfully able to run 2-3 trains at the 50th celebration.
  6. Interesting, no I have not, I will have to check that out, I wonder why they took them off.
  7. Sounds like they are taking care of The Bat, which gives me the feeling a few years before they take it down, the lift hill going up used to be super loud, glad they fixed that, although it kind of gave it a little charm for being a old classic ride with the loud chain lift.
  8. Is it possible that Cedar Fair could switch to Consign on Orion? It would probably take away some trust from the GP.
  9. That is Great news!!! Hopefully they can keep them running without issues!
  10. That is good! Hopefully if they are able to run two trains successfully this weekend for Kings Island’s 50th Birthday, So the lines don’t get really long.
  11. Do you know if it has been Running multiple trains this week?
  12. Has anyone seen or heard if Orion has been running since Sunday?
  13. The Beast opens May 6th right? I was hoping on my next visit soon to ride it.
  14. Sounds like Kings Islands rides are struggling right now, what was Diamondback down for Saturday?
  15. How long are we thinking until Orion opens back up normally if the trains collided?
  16. So you can confirm the train’s collided?
  17. They are gone? That is sad, Cedar Fair did a really good job with that queue for Mystic Timbers, Is the truck audio gone also?
  18. Would that mess up Orion moving between new control systems so soon after opening?
  19. It sadness me to hear that Orion the best coaster in the park may not open for a very long time. I wonder why Orion is down so much must be the computers having problems since Orion is run by all computers. I hope Kings Island can get back on there feet soon.
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