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  1. I wonder. Did Paramount remove the plumbing and electrical components for the stream that ran through the original antique car site when they built what is now Backlot Stunt Coaster?
  2. I can’t agree enough!!! In fact, I’ll bet when Carillon Historical Park in Dayton has their Christmas event, their new railroad will be such an attraction.
  3. This is my piece. During Paramount’s era, we lost a few classics. If Six Flags decides to “fix” and/or remove more, ( i.e. The Beast, the K.I. & M.V. Railroad), then….. I don’t even have the words. There isn’t anything else I can say which I feel hasn’t already been said better than I could.
  4. I would rather the park have some off time for routine/extended maintenance and improvements.
  5. From what I read, they bought all the land they had on the advice from someone involved with the foundation of Disneyland. So that, they wouldn’t be boxed in as well as to provide a big enough buffer against development so as not to be a nuisance.
  6. You and I both have similar trains of thought. Pun intended.
  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing Backlot altered to be more aesthetically pleasing. Like maybe removing all of the city scenery and replacing it with a forest. And to tie it in more with Rivertown, change the car design to resemble Conestoga wagons and rename it “Horseless Carriages.” Story would be that one of the more eccentric residents of Rivertown has developed a way for wagons to run themselves and has invited people to test them out.
  8. I can’t speak of Dorney for I’ve never been. But, I did enjoy Worlds of Fun this past June. Their coaster line up may not be the best, but they have great theming and atmosphere.
  9. For me personally, I have become more comfortable and less scared of riding roller coasters. I have ridden every coaster in the park plus three other Cedar Fair parks (Worlds of Fun, Cedar Point, and ValleyFair). And just last week, I did every coaster in Dollywood. In all, they don’t scare me anymore. Next year, I am hoping to continue conquering coasters in parks outside the chain, as well as continuing to visit my home park here. Here is to 2024!
  10. If and when you do, put me down for the “first copy.” Wink wink.
  11. What if Kings Island had managed to have Jungle Jim’s loan a monorail train for display during the 50th anniversary year?
  12. Or, they could look into the Pacific Northwest for a potential market for a new ground-up park or acquisition. Aside from Silverwood, Oaks Amusement park, and other fairgrounds, that market is mostly untapped.
  13. What if the K.I. and M.V. railroad had suffered the same fate as the Old Dominion Line?
  14. That’s Paramount for you. They probably wanted it in the most central location in the park for the most exposure in order to promote their branding. Though that is just speculation, mind you.
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