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  1. Well, now the cat's out of the bag. Oh, well! Tb, keepin' it fun...
  2. ^How did you figure it out?!? Well, there go my Thursday plans
  3. Kings Island is historically good with superlatives. The PR department will surely come up with some kind of exciting record! Either way, it's like a baby shower on steroids; exciting, but also endearing and full of "pride" for those of us for whom Kings Island is our home park
  4. This one captures the energy of a Kings Island coaster reveal, with crowd reactions: (The good stuff starts at 4:21). Youtube video from CoasterForce:
  5. Thanks, sikkinixx99! Oh, yes, I watch the Banshee reveal, and laugh when Greg Scheid jokes "time to let The Bat out of the cave..." which actually was also true during that reveal, because they later announced the Flight Deck/Bat transition as well.
  6. Many hats! Thanks, guys! I get inspiration from the guys and gals who will be presenting on Thursday night. Their Banshee intro was awesome beyond words! I can't wait to see what they do for the new 2017 attraction!
  7. I made it. That is completely animated using PowerPoint and Audacity.
  8. Or do you? @bm0324 - Yes, spielers on the train have pointed out "Teddy" the Bear for decades.
  9. It's going to be 92° at Kings Island today. Time for ye good pirate Thrill Beard to take to the waters, and defend the dear riders from the harsh discomfort of having no water on them, for a good splash refreshes for many hours, and a soak against the oppressive heat makes hearts glad, um, narrrr! Hoist the Jolly Splasher! See y'all at the park! Stay cool.
  10. LOL I was in a band by that name once; out in Montana. Every show, though, there were always one or two, inebriated folks who would invariably shout "It's the Worrrrmmms! You guys are the Worrrrrrrms!" so, at least not a good name for a country band. Now for a roller coaster? Maybe, but for a kid's version nearby or something, because the "crawler" piece, to The_Beastmaster's point, might denote "slow" or "gentle." They are nocturnal, and the do lurk in woods, so not a bad idea entirely.
  11. If it's anything like the Banshee announcement, it would probably take place in the area where the signs have been. I look forward to the energy of the whole thing. Announcement nights have become quite fun!
  12. Man, that's a lot of work just to capture one Pokemon! Clip clop clip clop clip clop slam!
  13. I've become a fan of George (not sure if that's how he spells his name), the Juggler/Pilot/Artiste. I'm just enjoying the reactions of every new audience, and the neat little touches, such as: One thing that is glaringly in need of fixing is the new intro of the show between the 'pre-show' and the sway pole. I think they could start what has been the pre-show at the top of the hour, so that there's not this awkward pause in the action (although, the cat-laser gag is a cute touch). Gave the 5:00 show a standing ovation!
  14. His name's "Blurry Face" and he cares what you think! No, for real, chipped picnic tables? In a pile? Hmmm...
  15. I know of one from that era, who is happy to see the spirit of it alive and well up yonder, above the flood plane, up in the next county...
  16. My all-time favorite is the red one. When everyone brings their arms back down from the "don't drench me" position, thinking all is clear, I shout "Hey, what's that red thing?" To my never-ending glee, they just HAVE to look. Every. Single. Time. It's precious.
  17. Captain Thrillbeard will hold off on his usual one-or-two-cannon salute under the following circumstances: 1. Visibly frightened or crying small children (it's just not cool); 2. Full boatloads of already-drenched riders (waste of a good quarter); 3. Boats where, within reason, riders are trying to hold valuables clear of getting wet (including electronics that appear to be turned off); 4. Most importantly: Boats with any rider who is violating safety rules (I will not interfere with the op advising them to correct it). If he hears the mid-course operator telling a rider to put a phone/camera away, and the rider emerges from under the trestle defiantly still video-recording, the Captain will gladly fund, and solicit all around to join in the unleashing of the Kraken! Simulated image. I will not use photographic or video equipment on rides without express, written permission.
  18. The "Beverly Hillbillies" is an American television comedy that ran on the CBS network from 1962 to 1971. It featured a poor, Tennessee family of mountaineers who find $70 Million worth of oil on their land while hunting for food. They move to Beverly Hills, California, but retain their stereotypical back-country mannerisms while being taken advantage of by a greedy, dishonest commerce banker. My post contains part of the opening theme of the show. Jethro is a character from the show. The show, to the best of my knowledge, never referred to roller coasters under construction. My post was to jokingly refer to how the pile driver/drill looks somewhat like something that could be used to drill for precious resources. That is all. Back to decoding.
  19. ...and up from the ground come a bubblin' crude (oil, that is; "black gold," "Texas tea...")
  20. [in voice of Jones]: "I'm still trying to decode Diamondback!!!"
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