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  1. I wonder if this means that licensing costs will go up, "Spongebobbing" the character set from the streets of KI... What's next? Mike Judge enterprises? Hank Hill's Propane Parade anyone? Beavis & Butthead Do Action Zone? Bill Lumbergh walking around, greeting guests and reminding them about park policies?
  2. Good resource for helping protect you and your family from becoming victims: https://www.fbi.gov/resources/parents http://www.missingkids.com/home The danger is much more widespread than we think. Be alert.
  3. I dreamed one day earlier this week that Brent Spiner was trying to explain to me what was inside the shed on Mystic Timbers. I then realized I was asleep with Star Trek: The Next Generation on the TV. So, apparently, according to my dreams, there's a "Type-M Planet" inside that shed. I gotta turn the TV off before turning in. Oy.
  4. I regret never having seen the Ed Alonzo magic show. I regret missing the Brady reunion in May of 2013. I regret never having ridden King Cobra. Finally, I regret selling/giving away all my Kings Island souvenirs many, many years ago.
  5. As it's known on here, I love the water cannons at WWC. Never gets old. I also love the Cirque shows.
  6. Move Dinosaurs Alive to the Kings Island Miami Valley Railroad and blend the experience.
  7. I might just give Cedar Point a go sometime in the coming season.
  8. I am the local expert in Thrill Biscuitry.

  9. Best: 1. Cirque Shows 2. Whitewater Canyon Cannons 3. Music on WindSeeker 4. Off The Charts 5. View from Eiffel Tower at night Worst: 1. Mall music on International Street (except during Christmas in July) 2. Getting bugsnakt on any ride or coaster (I know, extra protein, but eww)... 3. Fountain Lights not working... plain ugly 4. Bat queue odyssey of concrete 5. The impossible, unwinnable 3-point challenge. C'mon, man!
  10. WBIR reporting that Ober Gatlinburg survived the wildfire, and was not destroyed as reported initially. All wildlife there reportedly okay.
  11. Very tragic. That is so horrible in so many sad ways. Thoughts and prayers for their families.
  12. I imagine something that has a Tim Burton feel to it... but that could get pricey.
  13. This is worth quoting, because these guys really have created something marvelous here. This is why I'm confident that whoever is given the privilege will have been chosen with great care and consideration. KIC is the ONLY site I've stayed with for almost 12 years, and there have been many other sites that simply fell apart, disappeared, or simply became too unappealing. This is a gem, and it seems to have great momentum to continue to be so.
  14. There are some... okay, there is one on here who I'd nominate in a heartbeat, but the sheer, troll-bending power of his amazingly smart (often wise) responses creates an almost intrinsic "force field" around KIC, which seems to send ne'er-do-wells whimpering off into Internet oblivion with their proverbial tails between their legs! I speak of His Terpness, whom I honorarily nominate, with much respect!
  15. I apologize, by the way, for the "Simpsons" "That's a Paddlin'" meme I put on one of the threads - which got taken down... didn't mean to step on any toes; was just tryin' to make peace in a humorous way. Ryan - has anyone expressed interest directly?
  16. I second the nomination of malem. He's a beacon of KIC. He organizes and facilitates meet-ups masterfully, and is a credit to the site. I'd gladly volunteer - I love this site, and the park, but I can't be on long enough to watch enough content to be effective.
  17. Was the whole "Christmas in July" meant to set the tone for the announcement? Was it supposed to be announced with Mystic Timbers, but pushed back unexpectedly? One wonders. And in 2017, one will "wonder!"
  18. My gut feeling is that it will be about improvements, perhaps aesthetic, to the park; or, it could be an acquisition announcement.
  19. How about a Mystic-Timbers-themed chocolate-covered pretzel rods, with the little "leaves" of candy sprinkled onto the chocolate? You're welcome
  20. I ignored the "comedian" . My "ignored" list is getting rather large; hadn't used it much in the 12 years I've been on here. I can't imagine what the parents are going through right now, much less all others directly involved. Tragedy is compounded by the circumstances, and one struggles to find words or deeds to console the bereaved. Sad.
  21. I can't get this to work... Maybe when more info becomes available! Parody - original available here.
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