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  1. It also used to ruin that lift motor which is why the ride switched to two trains.
  2. Hi, @jzarley, thanks for taking the time to write this up and share. I’ve been very curious about the reintroduction of the “stand-up” experience and reading your review gave some great insight in ways clickbait YouTube videos just don’t. Really appreciate it and glad to hear that this coaster is a good experience.
  3. Was walking through the parking lot tonight and saw a few kids in leather jackets sitting around a hot rod listening to that new fangled “rock and roll” music. Hoping KI gets their house in order soon!
  4. I mean, for all we know, this may have been a “theoretical” capacity. Keep in mind, they were trying to market and sell these things that were brand new. In theory, maybe they “thought” it could’ve had 2k per hour if you’re running four trains under perfect conditions. As another example, I recently saw the now defunct Wicked Twister listed as a 1K/hr capacity and there’s no way that was right even under the best of conditions.
  5. I don't remember the exact placements, but I believe it's at least five* (six if there's two sets of brakes before the unload station and also I believe the track between unload and load is a block). The ride was designed to theoretically operate with four trains and I believe had four delivered, but only ever ran three. There are actually three trains today (or were as of a few years ago). However, while two run throughout a season, the third is rehabbed during the operating year. Conversely, (also at least as of a few years ago), Kings Dominion ran all three of their trains while KI only ran two.
  6. What up! Will says hey…

  7. Love how Seal had a few notes on the right channel.
  8. What's the issue? You've simply posted a photograph of how Tomb Raider: The Ride actually looked.
  9. Thanks, @Shaggy! Always love your insights into KI history. So interesting to hear about aspects like this.
  10. I’ve always heard about this, @Shaggy, but didn’t know it was a real thing. How was CP able to lord this over KI, but not Six Flags Ohio/Geauga Lake?
  11. KI got lucky as it seems their version of the ride aged the best out of all three. Also, @CoastersRZ, where you at! What’s up with that weird structure on the roof???
  12. A few other Italian Job/Backlot things came to mind that I need to put out into the world. 1) The weird “fence thing” atop the station roof. (@CoastersRZ, looking at you here for your architectural expertise) (P)KI and (P)CW’s versions of the “Italian Job: Stunt Track” debuted in the same year, 2005. They were so similar that even their budget cuts were identical. Both feature this weird, steel structure that looks similar to a fence atop their stations. (P)KI: (P)CW: I’m not sure what purpose this part of the station serves or if it was meant for something else. If anyone does know, though, I’d love to find out. Interestingly enough, when (P)KD got their version of the ride the next year…the weird, fence thing wasn’t built: WHAT IS IT!!!! And hey, while we’re talking about the Kings Dominion version… 2) Remember when Paramount announced it as “Italian Job: Turbo Coaster” but later changed the name to “Italian Job: Stunt Track?” Event after they changed the name on the billboard, turbo coaster was still mentioned… And ultimately it was just the same ride anyways.
  13. Given the reviews of Camp Cedar and the state of The Beach the last few years, they seem like they would’ve been a match made in bankruptcy heaven.
  14. I mean, even if it had EVERYTHING promised in the promotional artwork and video, it still would’ve been a mid tier short ride for that regime. How they didn’t place an action movie themed ride in the area of the park known as “Action Zone” (who’s loose theme was action movies and sets), will always boggle my mind. Also, reading back a few pages, CBS gets a lot of flack for that ride being “budget cut,” but I believe CBS wasn’t fully in charge until early 2006. And IJ:ST would’ve been in planning stages a bit before its 2005 debut. I think Paramount/Viacom was just always cheap.
  15. They even had a lift hill announcement: “Gillette Mach 3 hopes you enjoy your ride.” Also, when they redid that billboard at some point (it originally showed a Corsair 2 on a carrier deck I believe), they added the image you shared, @disco2000. It features land based F-15 Eagles from the USAF which are not carrier capable nor used by the Navy. In regards to Backlot’s billboards—I think the idea of doing sponsors is super creative, but I think it’d be better if you let the person behind the “ads” on Kings Mills Antique Autos re-do them. Could be nice Easter eggs.
  16. That, my friend, is a very cool and unique souvenir.
  17. I wouldn’t put any thought or reasoning into what’s posted in that “article.” “Only In Your State” is purely and simply click bait garbage designed to get ad revenue from digital impressions.
  18. Oh man, that magnetic sign brings back memories. Thank you, @TOPGUN1993.
  19. @CoastersRZ Was it CBS who sold the campground and purchased the GWL stake or was that Paramount Parks before the Viacom/CBS split (thus having CBS inherit the stake)?
  20. It is gone. Closed at the end of the 2014 Kings Island season, was demolished in early 2015: https://ronnysalerno.com/queencitydiscovery/2015/02/last-guests-of-kings-island-resort.html
  21. I think you’re right. Come to think of it, they may have been the old loading gates.
  22. I believe there were, for a time, discarded queue rails under there as well. They looked different than what was used in the 90s-present (a little bit more ornate and unique looking) and I believe they were stacked up in piles. From my understanding, these were set aside like that after the lower queue house was disused. @teenageninja, am I remembering that properly?
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