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  1. Such a great photograph. Any chance you have more to share? Specifically, any shots of queue line? I completely blank on what that was like
  2. Just a joke. ;-) ACE used to have an...interesting...reputation. I'm sure it's better now.
  3. Went in 2008. Some photos and trip report here: http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/2019/12/camden-park-may-18-2008.html Camden's a classic, little park. If anything, it's worth a visit because places like it are quickly disappearing.
  4. Ah, but dive coasters are reliable, have high capacity, and feature many marketable gimmicks. Plus, Cedar Point has a hole punch card where if you build three, the fourth is free.
  5. I disagree with this. 2010, 2012, and 2013 Reds seasons were exciting. FC Cincinnati won best in the USL for 2018, was admitted to MLS, and generally is still incredibly popular. The Cyclones have won several cups and continue to be successful, etc. Even if they're bad on the field/pitch/ice, that's not important (although it can be helpful), many of these institutions are beloved by families, especially kids. When I was 8, a Cyclones player signed my youth hockey jersey. It didn't matter to me what position the 1997 Cyclones were in, who that player was, or that his team played in a minor league. I think with the park and sports partnerships it just comes down to what's convenient and mutually beneficial (Reds visit ever year, this Cyclones bobble head thing). That kind of stuff will continue to happen off and on. EDIT to say: On the Reds Hall of Fame Grill, that's a perfect example. It holds appeal to both locals and outside visitors just based on its unique content. It was an attraction unto itself. Does the park benefit by having it? Certainly. Are they losing anything by not having it? Doubtful.
  6. Frankly, everything’s gone down hill since The Great Baldini.
  7. Agreed. Running that close to the ground has a bit of a kick to it.
  8. You get the same press as Fury, for half the cost and half the coaster.
  9. ...thank you, but.... did you book the KIC winter monorail banquet yet? ;-)
  10. Thank you and I wish the same. I know @Dane is living in a mansion off of that KIC ad revenue, buy us a monorail event, Dane!
  11. Hey folks, Back in the day I wrote a story about Kings Island's old monorail for this website. Last year, I revisited that story and did an update for 2018 on my own website. Now, I'm back with one more update for you, written for Cincinnati Refined. The former KI monorail housed at Jungle Jim's had had its station/transfer table re-purposed. The former maintenance bay is now a bourbon bar and the former transfer tracks are event space. Two nights a week, the bar is open to the public, while the entire facility is mainly used as customizable/rentable facilities. Before you go off to ride the train, though, know this: it still only runs for special events. Groups booking events have the option of adding a monorail ride to their package depending on their event or set up (hint, hint KICentral off season event ;-) ). There are some links and updated photographs below. - Updated story for Cincinnati Refined, Dec. 29, 2019 - Queen City Discovery, Dec. 2018 - Kings Island Central, 2008
  12. Ah, so more from an operations perspective rather than a treacherous road hazard perspective?
  13. Is the weather supposed to be that bad tonight?
  14. Yeah, but not as cool as Discount Rock-n-Roller Coaster Soundwave.
  15. Yes! Wow, I forgot about that. This new rides seems totally redundant and better suited for a smaller park...
  16. I never understood this addition for Magic Mountain. It has the same racing/continuous gimmick as Twisted Colossus, will likely be low capacity, and is from a manufacturer who's launched rides typically have a reliability issue at the onset.
  17. Let's be honest, that queue house is probably going to be salvaged as a haunted house. It'll be the "new" haunted attraction one year, be staffed really well the first two weekends, and then will fall apart after all the temporary decorations and "theming" fail to hold up.
  18. Interesting. Could thematic mist/fog really cause that much of an issue or exacerbate it? Especially considering the coaster is exposed to rain/snow year round? Thanks for always sharing awesome stories and trivia, @Shaggy!
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