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  1. Note to this (now fired) employee- please don't waste first responders' time with this kind of nonsense: https://www.wthr.com/article/tech/science/environment/no-black-bear-not-spotted-outside-holiday-world-black-bear-hoax-indiana-dnr/531-2ec4801e-aac2-4ff0-8e20-46cf237b49b5
  2. There's an iFly over in Liberty township.
  3. Yeah, it's confusing since the term Executive Chef gets thrown around a lot and people often think it means the No. 1 chef, which isn't always true. A good ex is cooking shows like Hells KItchen. the winner is called "Head Chef" or "Exec Chef" at one of Ramsay's properties, but that person serves under the "Chef de Cuisine" or something along those lines.
  4. It's def a slick presentation to be sure and while I think a sale-leaseback of some of its properties would help. the plan they have in place to increase attendance in 2023 is an oxymoron, given that to accomplish these things, you need labor, which is one area where this group wants to cut back. Did Chapek suddenly join this investment group? This smacks of his tenure at Disney, which for the parks anyway was to offer less and charge more.
  5. I know it's been played out, but for anyone thinking of showing up Friday:
  6. I'd like to see a poster of an old favorite-the "It's Fried!" concession stand (since renamed the more palatable "Coney Confections and Treats")
  7. haven't they used the picnic lounge for corp events? It's big, covered and can easily provide food/bev service. I'd guess its there.
  8. Inc. CF. there are only 3 water rides on the 'dry' side of the park-2 of which are basically next to each other. CF still is popular and provides a nice soaking (and I mean soaking!) if that's what you want on a super hot day, so I doubt it's going anywhere.
  9. coming soon (hopefully)-a commemorative piece of old Beast track w a COA for 197.90. I'd be tempted..
  10. I bought some cheap frames at IKEA for $5-6 each (I believe 11 x 14), and a sketch pad (not spiral bound) at Michaels (or Amazon). My wife then put a piece of sketch paper in the frame to serve as a 'mat', then centered the poster in the frame....they look nice and the investment was minimal. You don't even need a hook to hang them since the frames only weigh a few ounces. A simple push pin or nail will do the trick.
  11. In essence, this harkens back to the old paper ticket system, where you could grab another ticket after 2 hours even if you hadn't yet redeemed an earlier pass. I'd venture to say even in low season, the amount of FP you could get with the now retired system going one at a time after your initial 3 would be about the same, given that you had to space your first 3 out as well. If you were to arrive at rope drop, you could prob get through the whole park between Genie+ and/or standby, depending on the park hours. Sooner if you splurge for a a la carte option.
  12. Heads up for those looking to visit between 8/28-October 31 (weekends only). The park is limiting attendance due to rising case numbers. The county the park is located in currently sits at the highest level of spread (red) in Indiana's system. Source: https://www.indystar.com/story/entertainment/2021/08/23/holiday-world-santa-claus-limit-attendance-due-covid-quarantines/8244751002/
  13. Yep. If you made your FP selections for later in the trip, it was a bit easier to get FOP or 7DMT. Dining was still touch and go. If Disney were smart, they'd incorporate an alert system in Genie (or prob Genie+) like other 3rd party aps like MouseDining so.I agree the EMH benefit is all but gone. Much like KI-you get 30 extra mins in the AM. For the eve, the Swolphin is included as well. you can usually find a decent rate there that is a decent amount below what you'd pay for a deluxe. At this point, the only advantage to staying onsite is the transportation. The Skyliner is really nice when going to HS or Epcot. They need to build a spur to AK and one to the TTC and another MK area hotel (Poly, GF or WL).
  14. That's not the case. Genie+ will let you get onto all of the non e ticket rides as many times as you can throughout the course of a day (one at a time). The extra, a la carte e-ticket upgrade only will let you prebook 2 rides per day per park (no details have been announced as to whether the rides can be at 2 parks, given the park hopping rules currently in effect). As it stands, even though FP+ was free, raise your hand if you went to Disney and couldn't get an e-ticket FP as one of your initial 3 (unless you were extremely persistent in trying and/or got lucky the day or 2 leading up to your trip). If they could expand the a la carte option to dining for the popular restaurants, that would be worth it as well, since, again, trying to get an ADR at the likes of 50s PT, SFDI, Ohana, Le Cellier and soon to be Space 220, B & C is hard even in 'low' season. Instead of taking the $20 cancellation fee per person, take the $20 up front (for a party of 4 or less? per person?) and allow access to prime booking slots. As for the regular Genie, it doesn't provide anything that a 3rd party app like TP doesn't already. It just serves to get those folks using Disney IP.
  15. Why paint it now and have a fresh paint job be exposed immediately to winter conditions? Why not do it in March-April, along with the (hopefully) fully repaved parking lot?
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