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  1. Yes. Terpy, in your heart you knew he would. Glad you know Terpy. Care to share with us that don't know?
  2. Anyone know how many test runs are required for a new coaster before it can be certified?
  3. OK, thanks for the confirmation that I am not totally crazy. HA!
  4. OK, I thought I had acually read that somewhere, not just queue line talk. These pictures here most definitely debunk that...
  5. I thought I read somewhere, (before joining this site) that they sent KC to Spain? Anyone else remember that rumor or was I dreaming?
  6. How long did it take you to come up with that? That is really funny.
  7. Seem there is more photoshop editing going on with DB today than on the cams. I am wondering if they are having a clean up day for tomorrow’s tour. For those going, please take lots of pics to share!!!
  8. There are so many possibilities, and all just as feasible at the next.
  9. I am curious about what they are doing with that single car on the track next to maintenace shead? It has moved around serveral times?
  10. I switched over to the videos page to see the train video and can not get back on to the cams. I am guessing that the cams have hit their maximun number of connections and will not let me on till there is a free connection. So, I am guessing there is really not a "Problem" execpt for usage.
  11. I do see one distinct difference in the trains from the video. In the video the restrains are yellow, and in the pics just posted they have orange restraints.
  12. Nothing to be upset about, just means they are installing the 2nd train. Basically the permanent crane attached to the train storage house will lift each car in to the 3rd storage bay, once the train is fully assembled it is rolled out on to the transfer track and then stored in the appropriate bay. This train will be headed for bay 2. LOL! The frown was because they put it away and we can no longer see it. You are probably right about the next train to head to bay 2.
  13. To catch people up who can not see, they put the train back in the first bay of storage (not the third as it was before.)
  14. I thought I noticed a lift back by Crypt this morning working on the track. That is why I was asking, I am ready to see it start up the lift!
  15. Do you think they are ready for a test run? Still another full week of Feburary before March hits! I wonder if they are as excited as we are to see it take it's first run?
  16. Terpy, I think the intent was that we not have another 12" or so like the last time. We don't want any more snow to delay DB from being operational on opening day.
  17. IndyGuy4KI


    This may have already been done, but has anyone at KIC thought about getting T or Polo shirts made so we can wear them in the park? I think it would be cool to have a KIC shirt for opening day? Something like DB graphic on front, and KIC member written on the back? P.S. Don't forget to add the R when writing shirt.
  18. I disagree, I want the testing first so it is operational opening day, but I understand what you are saying.
  19. I can't wait to watch them test the trains, once on the track of course. Anyone else sitting on the edge of their seats?
  20. Agreed, I don't think CF would have invested money in the parks this year if they did not think they would get a return for their investment over the next few years, even in these hard times.
  21. Agreed, but you and CoasterRZ did have the answer he was looking for after all. This is the reason I joined this site, to be able to learn and converse with people about my favorite place to visit. I love it when I learn something new about KI!! Thanks!
  22. I have been a Gold Pass member since 2002, and I still have not been in the water park since it was renovated to Boomerang Bay. The Beast starts calling my name as I enter the park and everything else is a blur.
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