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  1. Please make sure if you read something somewhere and you post what that was, please add a source. That way the readers can make up their own minds about the credibility of the claim. Thank you!
  2. From the link: According to police, the guest, a 38-year-old male, was transported to the University of Cincinnati West Chester and then flown to UC Medical Center to be treated for his injuries. Police said the man sustained a "critical injury." The Banshee ride will remain closed while authorities and park personnel investigate the incident.
  3. I hope we can get an update on their condition soon. Prayers they were not hurt badly.
  4. Would you rather not have another coster and two flat rides in our lineup just because they were not ready by opening day? I understand that was the norm for so many years for our park. The industry has changed. There used to be 5 year plans. I understand it that these small additions are decided 12 or so months before the next season. Not years in advance to get them ready by opening day. We can learn to live with smaller additions opening around Memorial Day or not get any additions. Riding Sol Spin and Soap Box Racers today, I did not care (or see others) that were upset they were not open by their respective season's opening day.
  5. Approval from who at this point? Didn't both sides of shareholders already vote? I though the last hurdle was the government which sounds like they may have worked out?
  6. Apparently the heat was getting to me. My proofreading did not see the typo.
  7. I hope they recalibrate and fix some of the nozzles in the fountain soon. Here are just two not working properly. Totally dead Only one side works.
  8. Cool show. A few things I thought seemed a little weird. I thought the intro was kind of odd. It said "known around the world". I really don't need to have cities from around the world pointed out. Then a countdown which I thought was kind of odd. Why was that not the first thing you saw in the intro? The kids seem to like it so I guess that's the main goal. The laser portion of the show was cool, but it feels like it's missing something. I'm just not sure what it is. And the ending really stuck out to me. At the end it says scream if you want to see more. Then the host comes out and closes the show. I was expecting one last demonstration. I guess you were supposed to understand that meant more bubbles being poured out. All in all, I thought it was a really cool show to watch and I really enjoyed seeing his demonstrations of what he can do with bubbles.
  9. See the new Current Shows page on the main KIC Website. https://kicentral.com/current-shows/
  10. No issues in the android app. Time to swap phones.
  11. I agree, the presentation definitely should look a little better. I think that would go a long way with selling the product.
  12. I had the rotisserie chicken today at Coney BBQ and was probably the next I've I have ever had there. Very juicy.
  13. See a bit of Country Crossroads in action. Every time I watch this show I like it a bit more and more.
  14. I have seen the Country show multiple times the last few days. Very enjoyable. More photos and videos coming soon. Maybe one day the cast will recognize you @BoddaH1994
  15. Here is the Charcuterie for Two at the Food & Wine Festival. The honey sauce pairs very well with the meats, cheeses, & fruits. I like this event being hosted in Tower Gardens.
  16. Here is a picture from today. Here is a Human Claw Machine. Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/cogAy16oig7bVQC57
  17. I love Intamin coasters. Maverick is a top favorite of mine at CP. Millie is a great coaster. I would agree that it was ahead of its time, but a ride manufacturer shouldn't have to be constantly defended.
  18. Let's use this thread to post Food and Wine Festival reviews!
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