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  1. I 2nd this motion. It is a closed group, so if you are not a member you can't see it anyway. Just add the link so the source is referenced with the picture.
  2. Let's use this thread to post TT2 reviews. Let's hear what you thought! Photo source: https:// themeparksbydon.com/cedar-points-155th-season-features-a-new-formula-of-thrills/
  3. With what looks like a successful opening of TT2, I am wondering if we will see an influx of Zamperla coasters at CF parks.
  4. I wonder how much the SV FL will drop in waits.
  5. That was such a well themed and awesome coaster.
  6. I went to Grain & Grill for dinner. Here is a look at the options on the hot plates. I got the glazed beef and macaroni and cheese. The beef was very flavorful. It was a little dry. 7/10 The macaroni and cheese was more like dry macaroni with a few dry cheese flakes thrown in. 3/10. I decided to try the Oreo brownie. The brownie was dry and the layer of Oreo icing did not really add any Oreo taste to it. I will give the brownie credit for being chocolatey rich. 5/10
  7. I just happened to walk by and it is open now.
  8. On the second lift hill of Beast, guy behind us says, "this is the most uncomfortable coaster I've ever been on." @electricsunand I looked at each other. I said they have never been to a non CF park.
  9. Great TR. We hope to see you around more without such a long hiatus.
  10. Almost full queue at Beast.
  11. It has now became the official Coke freestyle stroller parking lot.
  12. I went to take a picture of the icee place next to French corner, and apparently no icee's today. At least as of 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.
  13. I have never heard that term. Could the Pagoda gift shop be the main tower down the midway at Cedar point? New username, Main Tower Gift Shop.
  14. Thanks for clarifying. Can't say I have any info to share about it.
  15. Can you elaborate, because I am not sure what you are asking?
  16. I do hope they add it back to the mobile app. I like seeing it.
  17. Most of the queue for FOF is outside now. Can we even consider it much anymore?
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