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  1. Considering they brought in a whole new manufacturer to"fix" Top Thrill, is that not a failure on Intamin's part? Yes, I know it's down again hence the quotes, but still.
  2. So a maker to know where to place the survey equipment to place other types of survey markers?
  3. They could get creative and wrap it around. That area is bigger than it looks in the photos.
  4. Pictures today. There is paint on the grass that just did not come out in the picture.
  5. I am sorry to those that got a ticket to the event. Especially those that were looking forward to the TT2 ERT.
  6. Glad to hear it's back open.
  7. No inside information here, but it could be as simple as waiting on permits. Sometimes it's the red tape that delays It, then it snowballs into a few month delay instead of a week.
  8. We did that 2 years ago, and I didn't think I can go back either.
  9. What did he think of Soap Box Racers?
  10. Good point. We are doing our part! https://x.com/KICentral/status/1795570448274780650?t=Q1B_MJlQNMDzaFFoI4TCVQ&s=19
  11. Those are some of the best days, sharing a ride with your child that is now tall enough. I take it he liked it?
  12. I think I have finally finished our Camp Snoopy page on the main website. I would love your thoughts! https://kicentral.com/camp-snoopy/ After ridding SSBR a few times the last few days. It is very fun little coaster that really packs a punch. Every ride after going backwards after the 2nd spike the turn and that little airtime hill got my stomach every time. It is a fun little ride.
  13. I have personally seen the exit gate ajar cause it to go down multiple times. So to @IOE_Jeff's point, that means the control systems are working. You can't blame the control system if it is brining the ride down from doing it's job.
  14. New Update. The Coke Refill Station coming to Action Zone that we had reported was going to be a Freestyle station was incorrect. It will be a Coke Refill and Icee station. Construction will begin this fall. I apologizes for the confusion.
  15. Take a look at Snoopy's Soap Box Racers here:
  16. From the conversations I heard that were going on, I think they're assessing on what is needed for the area. Hopefully some umbrellas and more seating areas have been put on 2-day delivery on Amazon.
  17. Here it is if you would like to watch it.
  18. I tried the s'mores brownie earlier. It was not bad. The brownie was quite dry and I wish it had more of a fudge flavor. There seems to be another ingredient missing that I can't quite figure it out. 5/10. I would not buy it again in its current form.
  19. Hopefully this makes you feel a little better?
  20. Adventure Port is in good shape!
  21. No signs of activity over there. All the trains are in the storage shed. I have not heard what's going on.
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