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  1. No, not sure how we stayed in to be honest, since everyone was about 6" above their seats at all times anyway.
  2. I dreamed I rode DB for the first time last night. They had you get on the ride in a very interesting way. They were handing out tickets to get on. The ticket had a ride number on it and then a seat #. When they called the ride number you went and got in the queue and then in the appropiate seat for your ticket. The trains were much different in my dream, they were more like Vortex's trains but they had seats like a ski boat and there were not restraints at all. When we left we circled the station sort of like The Beast before going on the lift. I mentioned to someone else that I did not remember that circle being there. The ride stated very smoth up the hill and everyone on the trian was making comments to that effect. After we crested the hill eveyone was holding on for dear life since we were not restrained in any way. There was a lot of air time and the ride was great. When we got back to the station I was asking if anyone was a member from KIC when the dream ended.
  3. I wonder when they are going to finish painting the station? I am guessing they are not going to leave it half and half? HA!
  4. What is the process of getting it certified for humans to ride? Is it like an elevator inspection?
  5. Soungs like we need a KIC tour bus that hits so many parks each year.
  6. The little kids always seemed to like Goaster Coaster for they didn't know any better...
  7. The cams probably have an (X) number of concurrent connections that it can hold at a time or a certain bandwidth limit. When someone drops off the next person in line gets the connection. My company pays for web streaming of audio and that is how it works for us. I am guessing it is similar for them as well?
  8. It is at brake run again, but I am not going to repost a new pic of the same thing.
  9. No problem. I saw it and got it before it changed again! TEHE!
  10. Random Out-of-town-guest-planning-a-visit: "Who the Heck is that Guy?" LOL! I though someone photoshoped this. I didn't realize that they actually added this to the home page!
  11. You’re looking at it wrong. This is another attraction that will have people in it’s queue that are not standing in the queue for your ride. That sounds good to me! Welcome back SB!
  12. That is a cool idea. I realize the cams are mounted wrong for this, but how about one pointing at the parking lot to see how full it is before coming. HA! I think different web cam views are a great idea, one of the parking lot would be great. Be kinda nice to see how busy it is before you get there. I wonder if that would work in their favor? How many days would it be slow and people say lets go and bring in business?
  13. That is a cool idea. I realize the cams are mounted wrong for this, but how about one pointing at the parking lot to see how full it is before coming. HA!
  14. If I was KI, I would not want the world watching the very first run of the coaster in case there were issues. They don’t want people getting scared that it is not safe to ride. I bet once they have a few days of testing and fill everything is OK, they will pan the cams back over for us.
  15. This is true, two good points here. Hadn't thought about the sidding at the bottom.
  16. Oh man, I liked the lighter color. I was hoping they were going to leave it how it was and apply a sealant. The darker color may look better once done and I might change my mind?
  17. Yes, excellent work. I hope once the ride is tested they get a few free hours of ridding for their efforts.
  18. Couldn't agree more. It would reaaaallly suck if they tested right now. I would hope that they would not test when they probably can't even see the top of the lift.
  19. Don't apologize I will make my fair share of blunders as well!
  20. I am guessing you meant Fog? It is foggy in Indy right now so I am guessing that is the issue there as well.
  21. oh yeah i heard that too!! *gasp* The funny part is the people who are making these claims in the queue are so serious and would bet money on it.
  22. I am on probably about 2 - 3 hours a day. During the day I have a computer that I bring up the DB webcam. Then when I have a few minutes I will also open KIC to see if there is anything I missed from the night before. Then if there is time I get on in the evening as well. You can say it, I am an addict of KIC and KI. I really enjoy the knowledge and conversations.
  23. I can just imagine hearing this RUMOR the first day in the queue. "Did you hear a test dummy fell out of train during testing due to a restraint problem."
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