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  1. Yeah, mine usually go away after that first trip of the season!!
  2. I don't know why, but I've never noticed the Indiana Jones music. Is it played all day every day? Is in not played on lift 2?
  3. 12 locations acording to the website.. See last banner at bottom of page. http://www.greatwolf.com/sandusky/waterpark
  4. I thought the last one was really a bad entry for GWL KI did not open till 06, but I researched and found that there was a second GWL in Sandusky... Learn something new every day on KIC.
  5. I almost always check the forecast before making the 120 mile trip with the Cinci TV websites. In the 12 hours in advace before I go the forecast sometimers changes.... I say lets wait till we get about a day or 2 out, then we can get a better assesment of the weather situation.
  6. The restraints are actually nothing like those of MF and TTD. They are called clam shells and allow a lot more freedom. Well maybe the clicks start out further than other restaints so 3 clicks will only be like 2 clicks on others?? Trying to think positive for you!
  7. With the track freshly painted, and a new coaster for this year, I bet you are really excited!
  8. i know the words and meanings its just the spellin i usually get ejected first in a spellin bee i mean who here doesnt spell dawg<D.A.W.G.>by the way im local now no longer a noob can i get a woop woop I think Terpy wants to make sure someone does not miss interpret what you are trying to say. I know we are not writing English essays, but you want to be able to get your message across clearly. Lord knows I make mistakes on here all the time! No one expects you to be perfect.
  9. Congrats on the weight loss.. Let me know when you are at the park so you can show me your better eating habits, that I proabbly need to pick up within the next few years.
  10. I am 28. Most days I feel 18, but some days a lot older than 28!
  11. I am not to big on the word "goal" for that seems like something I have to do for work, but I plan on getting to KI as much as possible this summer. I would like to get to Holiday World, but never seem to make it each year. That new water ride looks like fun!
  12. What a bummer, I hope things work out for the best for you!
  13. It sounds like you are worried track practice is going to interfere with your KI time?
  14. As annoyed as I am about the installation of 3-point shootout where the Flying Eagles were, you have to admit, that game is a massive money maker for the park. $10 a pop and a small percentage of people who play it actually win anything, let alone one of the 'top' prizes (a jersey that you could probably buy off-site for $10). I still find it amazing how many people waste their money on that game, because you have to be pretty good to be able to win. I agree there is always a crowd there and probably makes a lot of money. I know I always stop for a few minutes at that game when walking by to see how the person is doing, and I never play those games. I am there for the rides not games. I can do that at home which is 120 miles away. It just bugs me when you are standing in the queue line like "The Beast" for instance, where there is a wood floor and someone is bouncing a basketball in there. Maybe I am getting to old and set in my ways?
  15. I had another DB dream. It was to be April 18th, and DB was not located in Rivertown at all, and it didn't look like KI either? I was in the queue for awhile and finally got on. When we took off the ride was great on the first hill, then after that it got all weird. The ride sort of turned into Avatar. We would go back and fourth on that style of track like 2 times and then then go to another set of track that had different sized hills. There were like four of these Avatar tracks that we went on before returning to the station. They were fun, but not thrilling. Everyone got off the ride and said it was not what they expected?
  16. For now though, it will praobbly get a new game that you win a blown up basetball that everyone wants to bounce while wating in the queue lines!
  17. Webcam shot of Vortex paint job, looks nice!
  18. Looks like they still have a lot of rocks to place if you notice the pile up by the storage platform. http://www.kiDiamondback.com/public/latest...ge&chip=556
  19. Found a site that has some queue line art for Manta. Click here!
  20. True, that queue is very nice. These look like the same ones from The Crypt?
  21. Looks like shade tarps are being installed in DB queue. (Upper right corner)
  22. Was it really 2002? Dosen't seem that long ago!
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