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  1. That has happened this year. It also amazes me how there's at least one person everyday who asks, "what's the name of this ride?" as if they didn't just walk under a huge sign that said "Adventure Express".
  2. Let's see how many more jokes we can make about the poor raccoon... No, really. Let's see.
  3. As long as the food is a million times better than this year's, I'm planning on attending.
  4. I will echo what coasterfanatic2012 said. Being in the front significantly improves the experience. My first two times going through it, I was first. It was really fun - and terrifying - attempting to make my way through the maze. There were multiple times where I got cornered into a wall or accidentally walked into the backstage area...whoops! (the scareactors are good at directing you out though). One thing that's been bugging me when I'm not in the lead is...YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP YOUR HAND ON THE WALL! Last time I did it, the people in front of me decided to meander their way to the middle of the room. You aren't supposed to do that!
  5. Man, my opinion is completely different from basically everyone else's on here. There were many jump scares when I made my way through Blackout. There were also some extremely creepy moments that sent shivers down my spine. And just the fact I can't see anything and can only feel the wall to my left makes it even worse.
  6. Thank you - I'm good. I'm just going to take a friend tonight to KI and don't exactly know if I can get him a discount with my associate ID or not. Even if I did, I believe online tickets are still cheaper.
  7. The scariness of Blackout really depends on one's fear of the dark. If you are scared of the trip from the light switch to your bed in your house, Blackout will psychologically torture you. If you don't really care about the dark, or even like the dark, Blackout won't be too scary. There are not many scareactors in the maze, so the scares rely mostly on the fact you cannot see anything. For me, I hate the dark - or the unknown, more specifically - so Blackout is extremely scary.
  8. I should probably know this but, how much are gate tickets for Haunt tonight?
  9. Hahaha...no. It's definitely not a 1 out of 5.
  10. Universal's Halloween Horror Nights should probably be #1...
  11. Why is Intimidator the #7 steel coaster when Diamondback isn't even in the top at all...?
  12. 1. Diamondback 2. Banshee 3. Flight of Fear 4. Adventure Express 5. Racer 6. Backlot Stunt Coaster 7. The Bat 8. The Beast 9. Firehawk 10. Vortex 11. Invertigo 12-14. Planet Snoopy coasters
  13. You guys do realize how often people take out cell phones on rides, correct? We can't call security twenty times a day about some dumb dad taking his cell phone out on a ride to take a video with his family. I'm not defending them at all, but you have to realize many of them don't realize the magnitude of their actions. Telling them to put their phones away is really the only logical thing to do. Stopping the ride and calling security just wastes too much time.
  14. I hear it every hour of every day...
  15. Today was crazy!! Lines were very long. But what really got me was on the way home...a huge car crash, cop cars all over the place, horrible traffic...I was not expecting these crowds today at all. Those Dollar Days really bring in a lot of people. And just think that hundreds of thousands of people were also at Riverfest. Wow.
  16. Halloween is coming!!

  17. The first post in this thread made me realize how long I've been on this website. I have been on KIC since I was eleven. Yeah, technically eleven year olds aren't allowed on the site (at least I'm pretty sure), so sorry about that... Now I'm 17 and still visit daily. It's pretty awesome. I can see myself coming back for the foreseeable future.
  18. So...why is Slaughterhouse listed as being in Action Zone? Is that just a mistake on KI's part?
  19. I really, really miss Soarin'. I rode it in 2007, when I was 9. Soarin' is what made me a huge theme park fan. But when we went in 2012, it had a 2 hour wait and my family didn't want to wait for it. I was really upset. I hope I can go again sometime. But nowadays I can't decide between Disney World and Universal.
  20. Blackout is replacing something. It's replacing Club Blood.
  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds many problems with Universal's site. It really is not good, at all, especially for a huge theme park. And it's not a "simulator". The only simulator at Universal is The Simpsons Ride. Their new rides like Gringotts, Transformers, Forbidden Journey, etc., are full blown experiences. They have motion simulator aspects, along with moving down a track, drops, spins, real effects like fire and smoke, props...to me, it's the best way to make a theme park attraction now. You really feel like you're apart of an adventure.
  22. Universal is ON FIRE. So many great additions to the park. And yeah, sure, they're removing classic attractions. But these classic attractions are old and outdated. Hate to say it, but there's not many people in this generation that are big fans of Beetlejuice. It's all about what's popular now. Edit: You know what else is old and outdated? Universal's website. It's been nearly the same for years. The attractions listing is really weird and I don't like it...I wish they would change it.
  23. Disney takes so ridiculously long to build new rides...this probably won't even come out for another 4 years. They announced Avatar land what, 3 years ago? And what has come of it? Nothing. Now look at Universal...they've built Diagon Alley with one of the world's best dark rides, are starting to build a new Kong ride, a new waterpark, a new resort hotel, along with the past five or so years first opening Hogwarts/Hogsmeade, Transformers: The Ride, the new Simpsons area, Cabana Bay resort, etc.; and what has Disney gotten in that time? A whole bunch of closings at Hollywood Studios and a somewhat unoriginal Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
  24. I'm actually extremely excited for this. I never go to the waterpark, but it will definitely be nicer seeing this addition. We desperately needed something like this. Any news on the parking lot/entrance? Was there an announcement about it? Edit: Nevermind, I see now. Excited about that as well! I absolutely love the comments on the post. Everyone is disappointed. "Why not a rollercoaster?" We got a rollercoaster LAST YEAR. The waterpark needed something new. And it got something new. That was needed much more than something on the dry side. Good job, Kings Island. Great move in my opinion. Especially the toll booths. Traffic getting into KI is horrible. Now it should be a little better, especially with the renovation of Kings Island Dr/Western Row.
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