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  1. I’m guessing it will look more like the Hungry Hippo rather than an Istreet restaurant.
  2. No, it’s unsafe. Riders or people off the ride will get hurt. Just leave it to the park. Loose articles are a very serious issue. There was a case a few years ago where a lost article hitting a guest caused them to completely lose their eye.
  3. They’ve always used phrases like that. Mystic Timbers - will open in Spring: https://www.fox19.com/story/34196703/construction-taking-shape-on-kings-islands-mystic-timbers/?outputType=amp Antique Cars - no estimation: https://www.wlwt.com/amp/article/kings-island-s-antique-cars-have-arrived/23887842 You must remember that with Midways like Valravn’s Midway, that was paved in less than a week. The verbiage being used is for families that are scheduling trips to the park.
  4. End of January 2015 Middle of February 2015 Granted the flying scooters needed more installation time because of their unique connections between vehicles and structure, but the park is fine. The rides being installed are designed to be set up in days.
  5. No, that is still promoting the acts that we deemed illegal by the TOS. There is no loophole, what the mods wrote originally rules both situations as violations.
  6. TPR is not irrelevant. They’ve just put their efforts in a different area. They still do a lot of promotional work.
  7. They’ve constantly gotten one star reviews. It’s the same story of management not being responsive to guest needs.
  8. While a majority of the ratings is above 3 stars, it’s bad when the number of 1 star reviews approach the number of 5 star reviews. When you look at the reviews for the other CF hotels/campsites, it is clear that Camp Cedar fell way below expectations.
  9. If you look at Google’s listing of reviews, many claimed the resort was dirty and not at the quality they expected. The criticism with guests came back and hurt KI’s bottom dollar, as a displeased guest is less likely to spend money. I’ve always thought they should have used the old Inn site and build a hotel like Springhill Suites. Would have worked much better than the campsite.
  10. They’re going like hotcakes at the park. It’s such a good book. I highly recommend it.
  11. Just because one group had a different experience, it doesn’t negate the experiences of others. Numerous people with medical conditions have been stopped at security and ordered to return their medical equipment to their own car, which would fall under an ADA violation. Did a little experiment. At Carowinds, one is only allowed to bring in medical supplies that are in a bag smaller than 6.5”x4”. I went through the thread and put the two items that would be important for Diabetics - glucose meter and glucagon. Those supplies were too big, and under Carowinds’ policy, I would have to return them to the car.
  12. The issue is security is not letting those supplies into the park, which is required by law. They’re preventing people from bringing in diabetes equipment, epi-pen for allergies, and other equipment. The thing is many of us were ordered by our doctors to keep the supplies and equipment by us at all times. The park is basically refusing to allow admission to those with medical supplies. Basically, those with medical conditions are placed into dangerous situations, all because the park wants to keep the security lines as efficient as possible.
  13. I carry a standard amount of supplies in a book bag that could easily fit within the SF policy of a 12”x12” bag. The issue is that security is not allowing people to take in their medical supplies (glucagon, infusion sites) that could be dropped off at First Aid. Furthermore, if one leaves their supplies out in the car, the no re-entry policy prevents them from re-entering the park. Say I was part of a family of four that spent $200 to go to KI. Infusion site pops out after one ride. Family goes out to car to get supplies that they were ordered to leave out there by park’s security staff. New site gets put in, only to have the family find out that they can’t re-enter the park. That is happening numerous times, and it’s a darn shame. Unfortunately, letting the security guards decide what constitutes a “medical condition” has gotten the park into the awful mess.
  14. So here’s the gist of what happened. The park has asked the security teams to enforce a no-bag policy with no medical exceptions. The initial policy is sent to the security, and asked to carry out this impossible task. From what is being said on Facebook, this has been collaborated by numerous individuals. As the witness stated, this is in violation of the ADA. Policy gets refined for medical exemption. The new policy becomes: Problem soon becomes that medical exceptions are granted by security supervisors on the basis of what they deem is a proper medical exception. That means that someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of medical conditions is now the one in charge of determining whether you can bring in medical supplies. On the first night of Haunt I was prevented from entering the park by supervisors, who thought I had way too many “diabetes supplies”. They told me that they were going to go through my medical bag and tell me what I was allowed and not allowed to bring in. I was only allowed to bring in testing supplies, a few tabs, and forced to leave most of my supplies in the car. Second night of Haunt, I got into a tense discussion with a supervisor who said to me that “diabetics don’t need that many supplies”. The amount of supplies I carry is standard to what many T1D carry, and was not excessive in any way. Since then, I have not gotten held up in security due to my medical supplies. However, I’ve heard many who are held up and are refused park admission because they have medical equipment. Several members of this site witnessed what occurred and know first hand what the problems are. I am happy to discuss this with the park, but I feel that they are shutting down all discussion of it.
  15. First off, people are blocked from bringing in extra glucose, glucagon, and pump supplies. Basically, I was only allowed to bring in a few tabs and testing supplies as well as a charger (pump is controlled through the phone). Secondly, if I did leave it in the car, one can’t re-enter the park due to the no re-entry policy the park has. Basically if one is a diabetic and they have been forced to leave supplies in the car, their night is over. Other public places allow you to bring in all the medical supplies, as defined by federal law.
  16. Absolutely. That opens a second line of questions. If someone had their life saving medical equipment in the pockets and it fell out of a ride, would the park shut the ride down until they found it? I am not trying to be unreasonable, but I feel the park is making a dumb, avoidable mistake by enforcing the bag policy in this manner.
  17. Yeah, but what happens if the pump site falls out, or someone has a hyperglycemic event without any additional supplies? They get extremely sick and possibly worse. Park policies that result in potentially dangerous situations for guests with medical conditions is a terrible policy. Second, placing Epi-pens in pockets is dangerous as it may shatter or fly free. KI has not made reasonable accommodations due to the fact they are not fully accommodating. People are not being allowed to bring in medical supplies.
  18. It’s not a good idea to push this off. What they’re doing is wrong, as companies CAN NOT by law refuse service due to a person having medical supplies.
  19. KD is also having issues with medical bags.
  20. I believe Taxi Jam did open. I’ve heard stories of more adults than kids being in line for it.
  21. I’m guessing I Street Restaurant. That’s where they came across all the history books being shoved up there.
  22. Unfortunately, it seems that some of the security guards are projecting the “proper amount of supplies” on guests that need those supplies.
  23. It’s happened to multiple guests this weekend.
  24. Except, the problem is that they’re saying that isn’t allowed in the park and people have to take it to their cars.
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