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One month til Opening Day


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Guest faceoff

I have been saving all off season for the 2008 amusement park trips. My second job provided me with $300 in tips in one

month and all will be going to amusement park trips. Plus saving money from my first job and regular pay from

second job, i am good to go. I will be riding Son of Beast first. If not open right away-i will ride racer first and then

Vortex and then beast. I have been staring at my hotel confirmation(trying to make the time go faster). I am also coming

back the first weekend of may. It has been a verrrrrrrrrrrry lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng off season.

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Well as you all know King's Island will be open in exactly a month. Start counting down boys and girls. This time in a month, we will be riding. :rolleyes:

Start? I've been counting down the days to opening since closing day. Granted, there was an adjustment for the fact that it's opening on Sun. rather than Sat. but I've had the countdown up since then.

First ride of the day has got to be The Beast.

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And if you do so without prior permission from the park, expect to spend a long time thereafter being housed in a facility.....especially these days. Think about it...what kind of person is apt to land a helicopter unannounced in a theme park on opening day.

I would hope that ALL available security of every stripe would QUICKLY and forcefully respond.

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It has been a verrrrrrrrrrrry lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng off season.

I was thinking the same thing.

But come next year, it will feel even longer due to the anticipation of the rumored 2009 coaster.

Please Brown, the 2008 season hasn't even started and you're telling me how the next one will be even worse? <_<

BTW: I am in St. Louis till Friday, and while i was at the store I saw and ad for Evel Kenivel roller coaster, and it either helped or hurt my anticipation, I haven't decided. ;)

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