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Ride count on Diamondback?

KI Kevin

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Just Made 50 Yesterday At night, and thats the first time I didn't have to take anything out of my pockets, I'm not super fat , yahaaa.

ALso it was at night so rode two more times, so that adds up to 52

And in one day rode 14 times, would have been fifteen but it broke down, and then I tried again the next day but they put me in the green train and i don't fit in the green train so again 14, I fit perfect in brown and red train ,but not in green,( darn you green)

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There are restrooms not too far away...to avoid those puddly accidents...

Terpy, who just HAD to

Hahaha, very clever ;) But yeah, I have rode backseat and I didn't enjoy it that much, I didn't like the feeling of being pulled down the hills.

I have only rode it twice, I rode it once in the middle and also in the back. It feels crazier in the middle than the back. ;)

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