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Ride count on Diamondback?

KI Kevin

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Wow I only have 7 :( I can't convince my sister to just ride Diamondback over and over again! :P

well thats no fun. you can actually get (extremely) wet on Diamondback if you try. i did it by (a very stupid) accident. not sure if youre supposed to though...

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There are restrooms not too far away...to avoid those puddly accidents...

Terpy, who just HAD to

yes. and the hand dryers in that bathroom are awesome! they have those in the bathroom at the bottom of the st. louis arch.

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Marathoned in the SRL today. :) It was great.

When I was at the park last Sunday I did the exact same thing, getting 15 rides in on the day although I kept taking breaks and never really got off and jumped right back in line. After going up to the park Friday and Saturday my ride count on Diamondback went up to 30. Hoping to get to 100 by the end of the season

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As of last Sunday I have 37. 8 on opening day, 11 last Sat, and 18 on Sunday (thanks to SRL).

I'll be back on Friday, hoping to break 50. Unfortunately I can't stay for RWW. Other family committments :( And that will probably be my last trip for a while due to unemployment :( So I'm trying to get my fix in now.

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