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A Snowy Racer Ride


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That is an amazing photo Boddah, thank you for sharing that with us. I love seeing KI in a blanket of snow and ever year when we get our first snowstorm, I come straight here looking for updates of KI's wintry wonderland. I wish he would take more pictures of some of the other rides as well, but for now this photo will do.

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Imagine the speed you could get with Ice on the track.

Please note, I am not a physics major so if it would not indeed go faster, my bad

If the rails were completely ice covered, the coefficient of friction between the wheels and the rails is reduced. If anything, the wheels would be sliding along instead of spinning like they're supposed to, at least in certain places. This means less kinetic energy is lost to friction and heat in the wheel bearings. But there are probably other factors as well. Wheel bearings sometimes have more rotational resistance when they run cooler, so that may act as a braking factor in places where sufficient friction is available between the wheel and the rail. I'd be surprised if there's much difference either way, but it's an interesting question!

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