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Kentucky Kingdom

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November comes.

A season comes first.

Figures will be watched. Studied closely. By many. Ins. Outs. Ins soon to be outs. Outs who may or may not become ins.

Those figures may well become election issues. And, if they do, analagous 2016 figures, if any...

Bruce Lunsford. A history. Issue?

Ed Hart. A history. Issue?

Ed Glasscock. A history. Issue?

And so many more.

And who knows what others may Koch up?

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They've already put in literally the WORST possible type of ride they could build... I guess Hart figures he might as well go all-out with questionable decisions.

I'd put an incredibly relevant clip from Tropic Thunder in here, but its choice of words can be quite offensive to some people so I won't. Most who have seen the movie probably know the scene to which I'm referring.

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Wow, I was way off on that one. Not only is KK's an ARM Vertigo, but Holiday World's is from Zamperla. This is what I get for making assumptions that early in the morning. :)

If you would, educate me while I'm down: is there a particular reason the ARM variation isn't a wise choice for Kentucky Kingdom?

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Lightning Run is an 'iron' coaster? I sure hope not...

Also, why do the promo in the news studio? Why not do it at the park? Most of the things Kings Island did with news stations when Banshee was stirring things were done at the park. This one came off as tacky, at least to me.

Using a cardboard poster to display an internet screen cap? Really?

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Comparing KK press to KI press is futile... apples and oranges. Just like comparing parks... it's the difference of a local park vs regional park. Totally different scale, totally different standards level, totally different talent base, totally different quality.


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