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Kentucky Kingdom

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Curious as to why safety glass is being used when something like Lexan(Polycarbonate) seems to be a much better and safer option.  


Polycarb is much better suited for taking impacts than safety glass, plus it doesn't shatter like safety glass.  Nothing better than having that rain down on a boat full of passenger or spectators.  While not sharp it is designed to fragment.  Just seems like a few sheets of more expensive but safer Polycarb would have been the safer option.

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Mile High Falls "Glass" Shatters:


And where the thunder is PR to say it isn't glass?


You gotta be kidding me:


Just when I think the PR staff couldn't possibly be any less competent.


The Interpreter, forgive me, but earlier this season, when I stated KK needed to up the ante in the PR arena, you responded that Mr. Mulcahy is a "true professional."  Is he no longer the the PR representative?


Edit:  changed the last sentence because I read the link and saw that Mr. Mulcahy is still employed by the park as a "spokesman."

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This photo really remind me of Ed Hart standing in front of Chang in late 1996/early 1997. I hope to ride this ride next year!!


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I was at the Kingdom today. Renewed my pass for next season and stayed a few hours in the park.


T3 was station waits when I showed up. Which basically means 40 minutes... By the time I got on the ride, a line had built up filling the exterior queuing area nearly halfway. One train, plus VERY long queue rows to line up people for any given row, plus only two people per row per cycle, plus very slow loading leads to VERY long wait times once you reach the station. Earlier in the season, I waited in the queues outside the station and those move decently fast. Not great, but tolerable. Once you're in the station, things slow to a crawl. That second train will do WONDERS. I think the fact that the  station holds far too many people for a ride of its capacity also hurts it. The only coaster station I've seen that holds a more disproportionate amount of people compared to the ride's capacity is Maggie, but the difference is that Cedar Point hires separators and keeps crowd flow under control.


Stair waits on both Runs. Maybe 10 minutes each.


Flying Scooters had minimal waits and were running on the high speed setting today. That combined with strong gusts of wind led to a great ride experience. Easily the closest I've ever seen to a set of Larsons being snapped. Got many, many mini-snaps and had my tub facing BACKWARDS several times!


Food service was on point today (though I still greatly prefer food on Point, but who doesn't?).


Waterpark was not crowded at all. There were four people in the wave pool when I walked past it. I suppose that happens when temperatures are in the mid-60s.


The park was actually quite crowded compared to this weekend last year, but ironically, T3 being open and popular but having very poor capacity made for very short lines for everything else.

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I visited the park earlier today. Got my first ride on T3 - the trains are such an improvement. Yeah there is still some shuffling, but these new restraints can't beat you to death like the old ones. Definitely re-ridable.

Thunder and Lightning both excellent as usual.

The park is still looking fresh and clean. It is a beautiful day here in the Bluegrass, so crowds were picking up as I was leaving around 12:30.

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WMAJrKY - with the time you posted, it looks as though you were leaving as I was arriving.

The crowds were very light the entire day. Everything, except T3, was a 1-2 cycle wait. Cleanliness from my eyes still leaves a bit to be desired - restrooms were dirty and looked as though need a good scrub down - as well as still trash in the ride areas.

While most staff was friendly, it was very odd to see a few with their cell phones. Saw a safety/police officer walking around with a mouth full of chew and a cup...blech. A bit surprised that it was allowed while working. The two groups of ride ops at Skycatcher were the friendliest and highest energy I had seen all day.

As for the kid at T3, he continued for about 5 more minutes and it stopped quickly when a supervisor came up. I did stop at guest services to say something. The girl was a bit surprised but a guy walked up and told her that she knew who it was. Apparently, from what she said, the kid is a regular and most of the ride ops around the park will let him talk in the mic for a sentence or two. Here is my thought. This kid's enthusiasm is great! He clearly spends a lot of time roaming the park (not sure if there were adults with him as he was alone on the platform). The ride ops were getting a kick out of him. However, as a guest in the park, that was not a positive experience. I can see people wondering about the ride ops attention to the ride. And if that was my solo experience at the park, that wouldn't encourage me to return. Based on the guest services response, this is the norm. If that is really the case, I'm good with today being my last visit to KK.

Edited for spelling and swapped words. Someone is a bit too tired to type coherently.

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It flew in Virginia, years ago, after strong lobbying by Kings Dominion. There, with rare exceptions, school cannot start before the Tuesday after Labor Day.



It may be made by the amusement park or lobbying, but it has some perks for kids in their learning process.  A lot of learning doesnt happen in the classroom but in the social interactions available outside the classroom.  

Many schools have pushed up their school start for a multitude of reasons and only a few have to do with educational purposes.  

An attempt to make the 1st semester end before winter break.  To allow teachers/students to leave the school building earlier in the year.

To accommodate mandatory testing so as not to break up educational blocks.  

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