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I doubt it is that slow when it's open to the public, keep in mind this was an empty train, and if it was supposedly the first test run as the video says, the track was cold. Lightning Run's PLC came with a menu to monitor time that cycles took and after a few runs and getting loaded up, that number dropped by several seconds. I don't think it will fly around that corner but it won't be quite a crawl either.

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I understand that it will run faster later, but I mentioned it because of quickly it already flies over the first half of the ride. Since the chain speed will be the most significant source of speed increase pre-loaded train.

Also it seems like the footage is faster then real life do to the voice at the end.

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That ride looks fun, it has since the video came out at the announcement, however that ride and its cars look really, really ugly to me.  Perhaps the 1st hand visual would alter that opinion of mine, just how actually riding a ride can alter one's opinion from what they thought having watched a POV.


Then there is the station, I can't fathom any scenario where I would appreciate that amount of red pain.  I once read a factoid that Barns and "little old school houses" were always painted red (hence the terms Red Barn and Little Old Red School house) because Red paint was the cheapest paint available.  I would think the painting industry has changed significantly in the last 100 years and that there would no longer be a vast difference b/w Red paint, and oh I don't know about 50+ different possible accent colors.  Blue, White, Black or Grey would have all worked well to alter that monotone paint job.

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