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Oops! Kings Dominion web page mistake!

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WOW. I must share this...I find it funny. :D


For those who don't want to visit that site and look for this, here is what I read that was so funny:

Things To Do

Prepare to feel the presence that will make your senses come alive with excitement - a presence that goes beyond breathtaking views, beyond hair-raising adventures, beyond the awesome power of Beasts and Diamondbacks -- the presence of Kings Island. From the moment you enter, enchantment begins and the fun never ends.

This would be fine for Kings Island, but this is on...Kings DOMINION'S web page. They need to fix this- they just copied Kings Island's page! (I checked Kings Island's site and yep, the exact same text!)

And, to showcase how hilariously bad I think this is...


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Well, I figured this would be fixed eventually, but they got it pretty quick. Good job by the Cedar Fair IT team.

It was funny while it lasted, but the "error" can still be read in the first post. And if Kings Dominion is gonna get rides called Diamondback & The Beast, does that mean Kings Island will get an "Anaconda" (300ft+ green B&M Giga Coaster, anyone?) and "Grizzly" (Could be anything, really...)? :P

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I think the last slide on that page is a KI stock photo. Her nametag looks like it says "Kings Island" on the top... it's definitely not "California's Great America".

Edit: In fact, it looks like it was taken in the games booth between Racer and Coney Confections. It's also very sad that I could tell that.

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And people used to accuse Six Flags of park cloning: a boomerang here, a Vekoma SLC there...hoist the flags!

Used to? The similarities are endless.

*waiting for the enthusiast outrage*

Another clone stunt by Cedar Fair....

There it is!

Indeed it is! The cloning thing got boring the first second i saw the same ride at 2 parks. Soak City, the color blue, Dinosaurs Alive!, WindSeeker, and Diamondback look alikes are the only thing that they could imagine for their parks? Man it sounds like the "imagineers" of CF are clones of each other..

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Parks couldn't care less about enthusiasts' reactions to clones. And locals couldn't care less that their new coaster or ride is also in a park four states away. Most park patrons go to ONE and only one seasonal park. New is a lot more important to them than is unique.

Sally: I don't want to ride this as there is one like it in Georgia.

Yeah, right.

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Umm...74gibson,I know: A 300-foot Arrow Mega Looper would make Son of Beast seem like a great alternative. A 300-foot B&M Mega Looper could work, but the inversions would need to be MASSIVE to prevent excessive g-forces... I was thinking B&M Gigacoaster (similar to Leviathan at CW). Just named Anaconda and with the same logo as Kings Dominion's Arrow Mega-Looper.

It would also follow Canada's Wonderland in adding a B&M Giga but keeping the "theme" of naming the Giga after the hypercoaster. Leviathan & Behemoth were both massive biblical monsters. Diamondback is a type of snake...an what do I think when I think "huge snake"? Anaconda.

Another possible name: King Cobra. Yes, Kings Island already had a ride with that name, and it was quite famous. But a King Cobra is a huge, venemous snake...bigger and deadlier than a Diamondback. And it could, in a way, be a tribute to the old ride- use the old logo (I think the park still has it), and paint the ride the classic green & yellow...just don't make it a 300+ foot tall stand-up coaster (possibly even worse than the Arrow Giga Looper plus 3 Sons of Beast and 2 Crystal Beach Cyclones put together :wacko: )!

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Why is Maverick or I305 on the front page of KI website?

I believe it is Maverick.

That same image appears to be on all the CF parks websites - I found it on the sites for KI, KD, CP, KBF, Dorney, Carowinds and Valleyfair. It does appear to be Maverick when you compare that image to this one from RCDB:


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