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Kings Island Banshee Event


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Hello All!

The Coaster Crew is holding an event at Kings Island this coming season on Monday July 7th. It will be our 2nd annual BIG BANG EVENT!

Tentative Itinerary!
- 9:00am Banshee ERT
- 9:30am Carousel & Scrambler ERT
- Behind the scenes tour of Banshee
- Lunch from 2:30 - 4:30
- Afternoon Behind the scenes Beast Tour
- Priority seating at a select show TBD
- VIP seating for fireworks
- Last rides of the evening on Banshee

Mmmmm Lunch from 2:30-4:30PM
-Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches
-Roasted chicken
-Rolls & Butter
-Corn on the cob
-House Salad
-Fudge Brownies
-Fountain Drinks

More to come! Stay tuned!

We would like to cordially invite all KIC forums users and current Coaster Crew members to join us on this day! Last year we had a blast and this year can be bigger and better if we were joined by a group that loves the park so much!

More information will come soon but in the mean time please join the FB event page to keep yourself up to date!


Register for this event Here!

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And please remember, not everyone in the world is on FaceBook. For various reasons, some cannot be and never will be.

Facebook is trademarked with the letter b in its uncapitalized form. Please edit your post to correctly acknowledge the company being referred to. :P (all in fun)

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For the behind the scenes tours btw, just as suggestion:

Crypt building lights on and above the maze (kinda like where the ride actually sat, ect)

Inside BLSC infield..could get some nifty shots, plus I don't think it's ever been done before

I've done this with Thunder at CP..But I think enthusiasts would like a dry trough run of WWC..I enjoyed walking the trough in the morning except the pump area in the pit, had a nasty lake smell. Other than that it was a blast

All in all, some cool stuff would be enjoyable for even me, I'd love to see this stuff but I cant, so if it does happen, please take pics :P

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I thought we couldn't yell?

I'd have to think about it, see if I'm off, or if I can take off. Last year's KIC Events were fun, though, I have never been to this event.

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Crypt building lights on and above the maze (kinda like where the ride actually sat, ect)

This! I second this as it would be very cool and I'm guessing it's reasonable since it isn't used during the summer season.

I'd also like to see it because I have not been in there since The Crypt closed as I'm not a fan of haunted houses.

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