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Week IX: What Coaster Would You Want for Christmas?


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Every Christmas it seems that everyone wants the same thing: Technology, clothes, or gift cards. It happens every year, and it gets repetitive quickly. But what if, instead of getting the usual present, you get a coaster instead? In light of the season of giving, what coaster would you want for Christmas? * (NOTE: that space nor operating cost does not matter in the fictional world of our Imaginations!)*

EDIT: Just realized that KIPR did a similar poll as well!

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Please don't get me a roller coaster for Christmas. I don't have room for it, and I don't want the liability.

If I have to get a roller coaster for Christmas, give me Big Dipper at Geauga Lake. Holding "rights" to it "forever" as it sits on someone else's property seems like a pretty good deal. Just as long as I'm not the liable party if someone or something is harmed.

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The only rides I've been on that I can think of that would come close to fitting in our yard and would be worth having would be Georgia Cyclone, Phoenix, or the original Coney Island Cyclone. Pretty sure some or all of the house would have to come down, though, haha. Those are all great rides, so I'll take any of them.

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