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Official: WinterFest 2017


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That looks really nice (the Effial Tower, that is)! I saw them testing some lights a while back while passing the park and I'm surprised the lights will be all the way around (as iirc, they were only adorning the front for the other seasons of Winterfest). 

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That's cool how they found those clips from the past years of Winterfest. Also, I wonder if they are going to take the Haunt facade at the front gate down in time- last time I drove by, the "house" you enter through near the gates for Haunt was still up. Maybe they'll put some lights on it? 

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^ Well, if you want to see every show, it's going to take multiple visits. There ain't no way to do them all in one day.


QuickEdit: Do you like blue ice cream? If so, then Chef Nate would like to introduce you to his latest creation: Blue Hot Chocolate!

No, really:


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I don`t mind the lights leading up to the star.  The one thing I find goofy, is that the current star is just an outline.  Would have been nice to have some lights to fill in the star.  I do appreciate the fact that the lights go all the way around the tower.  Especially since so much of the park will be open for Winterfest this year.  Only four more days and a couple of hours and we will be able to experience Winterfest, v. 3.0!  I am truly excited!

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1 hour ago, LongLiveTheSmurfRide said:

^ Yeah @chugh43, that actually looks better than KI's. Below is from the King Island Jobs twitter (https://twitter.com/KingsIslandJobs):


If that's how it looks at KI......eh.....little weird.

Have you even seen it in person? If you haven't, I don't think you can make a final statement. It is quite a sight in person.

I really like how it can change colors.

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